Guidelines for Writers and Photographers

Who Are We?

Inner Circle Magazine was conceptualised by James and Declan, two Fitzroy ‘nouveau-locals’ who fell in love with Melbourne’s inner north from the very first moment they began to explore the high streets and backstreets of this unique inner city region.

The foundation for the project came about through a mutual desire to learn more about some of the hidden gems in the area. Struggling to find a unified platform that truly captured the essence of the region, a gap was identified and a podium created to communicate the very best of Melbourne’s inner north and immediate surrounds.

Primarily, Inner Circle Magazine is a culture and lifestyle magazine created to guide and entertain the local public and curious visitors with insightful and interesting stories, opinions, reviews, interviews and general musings, all related to this wonderful neighbourhood. Delving into the art, entertainment, food and fashion of the region, with a community element, Inner Circle Magazine has been created to showcase only the best of Melbourne’s inner north. We intend to be an informed voice for Melbourne’s inner north.

Our Catchment Area
  • Melbourne’s Inner North: Fitzroy; Collingwood; Carlton; Parkville; North Melbourne
  • Immediate Surrounds: Fitzroy North; Carlton North; Brunswick; Brunswick East; Abbotsford; Clifton Hill; Northcote
Our Content
  • We are a lifestyle magazine dedicated solely to Melbourne’s inner north and immediate surrounds and our content must reflect this.
  • We celebrate culture, entertainment, art, music, food, local history and the local community, and want to be regarded as an informed voice for Melbourne’s inner north and a representative voice for the communities of the inner north.
  • Our content must not focus too heavily on politics or news.
  • Our content must, where possible and appropriate, have a positive, happy and non-confrontational aesthetic, although we must always accurately reflect local opinion and sentiment when the topic or discussion piece demands.
  • We are not afraid to explore the sub-cultures or fringes of the region and are not afraid to approach our work with an edgy rhetoric, if the piece demands.
  • While we do not take any political stance, we do celebrate diversity and equal rights for all and will approach our work with a positive moral and ethical outlook. We do not seek to judge or attack.
  • Inner Circle Magazine’s “voice” tends to be entertaining and light-hearted, and is always informed and authoritative with regards to the local region. We know what’s what, what’s when and what’s where in Melbourne’s inner north and enjoying telling people about it in an entertaining manner. Where appropriate and as the content demands, our “voice” should be inquisitive, journalistic and even investigative.
  • We speak to curious, educated, culturally engaged men and women. We seek to engage with people of all backgrounds, and from a diverse range of local communities.
  • Primarily, we are here to celebrate the best of the region and to entertain, and we must always strive to leave our readers eager to explore a little more of Melbourne’s inner north and immediate surrounds.

Inner Circle Magazine publishes in print and online. Feature-length articles on topics of interest to those living in Melbourne’s inner north or to those visiting Melbourne’s inner north, should be from 800 to 1,200 words. Smaller, general pieces (e.g. reviews, best of’s, lists and other such non-feature articles) should be from 300 to 450 words.

Our Writers

We are always on the lookout for great writers, but we do have some requirements in order to qualify as a contributor for Inner Circle Magazine.

  • Do not try to write for Inner Circle Magazine if you are not passionate about Melbourne’s inner north.
  • If you do not live locally, you must be active in the region; regularly visiting, shopping, eating or socialising in Melbourne’s inner north.
  • We intend to be an informed voice for Melbourne’s inner north, and so we require our writers to be knowledgeable about the local area and about what our region has to offer.
  • Our readers are curious, well educated, knowledgeable, and culturally engaged, and our writers must be able to write for such an audience.
Article Submissions

As long as you fulfil our writer requirements above, Inner Circle Magazine welcomes your submissions. In the first instance, we generally prefer pitches to finished pieces. If you already have a finished, original and unpublished piece that is ready to go and that you think is a good fit for our publication, shoot it our way and we will be happy to have a look.

Pitches from prospective contributors who are new to Inner Circle Magazine should be sent via email, to Our staff is small, so please be patient when waiting for a response from an editor. If we haven’t got back to you within a week, we welcome a friendly follow-up e-mail.

What to Include:

  • Your contact information
  • A brief cover letter to include some information about yourself, your experience, your suitability to write for Inner Circle Magazine and why you want to write for us
  • Examples of any published work
  • One, two or three article pitches (two or three paragraphs detailing each article idea is fine, and please explain how you feel the story fits into our magazine and why you think the piece is timely)

If we like your pitches, we will discuss timelines and include your upcoming articles in our content calendar.  We will also ask you to send us a short biographical note (25 – 50 words) and picture of yourself, so we can add you as a contributor on the website. All published work will be credited to you.

For finished pieces, it is important to note that we only accept original material; we cannot publish anything that has appeared elsewhere, even if it’s just on your personal blog. The articles in Inner Circle Magazine are closely edited. Submitting an article indicates agreement to work with the editor in creating a finished article in our style and to our standards. This may include, but is not limited to, matters of length, vocabulary, tone, clarity etc.

We cannot currently offer payment for articles published on our website. If you become a regular contributor on the website, you will have the opportunity to secure paid work for our print magazine, due to launch within the first quarter of 2017.


Great photography will help set the tone and feel of our magazine and should be able to guide the reader through each story as well as prepare them for what they are about to read, and we are always on the lookout for photographers and photojournalists who can help us achieve this. If you live locally or regularly visit the area, can take fantastic, relevant photos, and have a genuine passion for the region, then get in touch.

In the first instance, prospective photographers should write to us at

Please include:

  • Your contact information
  • A cover letter to include some information about yourself, your experience and why you want to be a photographer at Inner Circle Magazine. Please also tell us how your work will help capture and set the tone of each individual piece of writing, and explain how you think your photography will help guide our readers through the magazine.
  • Some examples of your work
Payment & Rights

We cannot currently offer payment for submitted contributions published on the website. Contributions published in our print magazine will be paid, if agreed in writing prior to submission, at the agreed rate. Inner Circle Magazine in print is due to launch within the first quarter of 2017, and regular contributors to the website will be invited to pitch ideas for Inner Circle Magazine in print.

By submitting content for publication, you confirm you have read and agree to our Submissions Agreement (“Agreement”). Our Submissions Agreement can be found here.