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Can Bacon Be Kosher Outside If God Only Watches You In Your House? Michael Shafar’s Sizzling Stand-up Show

April 4, 2018

Melbourne International Comedy Festival has swooped back into our schedules for another lineup of the hottest and up-and-coming comedians to have us chuckling and shaking in our seats. An enormously intimidating profession with crowds of paying enthusiasts expecting an entertaining, hilarious night, it’s not a job anyone can pull off easily by talking about their, say, odd family characteristics. Unless if you’re Michael Shafar.

He’s no stranger to Raw Comedy (SBS Viceland), The Leak (Channel 31), Comedy Bites (ABC) and Good Az Friday (Triple J) as well as writing for Channel 10’s, The Project (which he has a few tales to tell about his experiences there) and featured in the Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Competition. His personal work, however, shines in Kosher Bacon – Shafar’s latest standup show that is quickly selling out; a carefully constructed, relatable sneak peek into his life as a 27 year old living at home with his Jewish parents that continue to treasure his foreskin. Regarding the stereotypes and reinforcing them with a smooth wittiness (think arthritis in fingers from counting dollars) whilst pointing out the oddly ridiculous things in everyday life that everyone just seems to shrug off and accept (Aldi, who plans the layout of your aisles, seriously?). Shafar doesn’t just look at the world differently; he makes you realise how truly ludicrous it is.

Quick, clever responses to audience members and with a profound knack for storytelling, Shafar will steal your engagement and have you hooked on his hilarious tales of life as a nice Jewish boy who, at this rate, probably won’t go to heaven. Why? You’ll just have to hear it to believe it. For those looking for an all-round comic that will fill your evening with entertainment and laughter, Michael Shafar’s, Kosher Bacon is a great show to kick-start your festival rounds off.


Trades Hall 

Corner of Lygon & Victoria Street, Carlton 

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Michael Shafar 

Kosher Bacon 

For tickets click here


Feature Image Credit: Perri Cassie 

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