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Do Not Miss This: Girlhood Art and Music Show at The Old Bar

February 11, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

Anyone who is anyone should be heading to The Old Bar from 7pm tonight for a night of art, live music, spoken word, zines, performance and basically everything!  It’s going to be a full throttle culture explosion, and for just 10 bucks, this is not one you want to be missing.


  • Little Lamb & The Rosemary’s
  • Lalić
  • Beloved Elk
  • The Girl Frida’s
  • Spit
  • Crystal Myth


  • Woolf Pack #8 zine launch!!!
  • Concrete queers

Spoken Word

  • Erin Kirkpatrick


The Fort Collective presents… ‘Girlhood #6’Bringing together the work of over 20 artists, mostly based in Melbourne, Girlhood #6 aims to showcase a broad range of creative interpretations and reflections on gender. From the minds of artists who, themselves, are women or nonbinary folk, what does it mean to have experienced a girlhood in some way? Or to have had one thrust upon you? Our experiences with gender, and how we are treated because of it, have to some extent helped form who we are. Each of these artists gives us a glimpse into their internal landscape, and by extension, pieces of the collective journey of girlhood, of womanhood, or something in between. Dealing with misinformation and underrepresentation on a daily basis, living in a sexualised and undereducated society. The artists of ‘Girlhood’ are asked to explore these themes within their work, and are free to show anything that speaks ‘girlhood’ to them, or that says something about themselves, as women, as people familiar with the experience of girlhood.

Featuring Artists:

Jennifer Crow
Fox Lilly Smoulder
Djenné French
Ramona Pope
Anastasia Anastasia
Li Yan Wong
Kerrie Neilen
Katie Gray
Natalia Bennett
Erin Kirkpatrick
Pixi Grace
Alice Chalmers
Claire Maud
Penelope Téntaklès
Imogen Money
Rachel GoldenthePonyboy Ward Suárez
Ashley McNeil
Clea Fraser Chiller
Kaitlyn Francis
Natalie Michelle Watson
Yaren Ilayda Ceylan
Ally Obrien Cummings
Clare Ellison Jakes
Plagiarism Art
Emily Doctragon Hooper
Candice Hopkins
Jessica Murtagh
Regan Brantley
Bridget Claire
Kelly Hyejung Yoon
Eleanor Stewart
Elloise Mae Foster
Alex Ross
Gabi Chapman


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