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Eco-Awareness, Sustainability, Inclusivity, Creativity, Community: The Ethos behind PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT

March 26, 2017

Eco-awareness, sustainability, inclusivity, artistic freedom, creativity, community – these words resonate well with the people of the inner north, but they also perfectly describe the ethos of PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT, a local sustainable events specialist, that also runs creative workshops from their studios located on the banks of the Merri Creek in Northcote.

We had a chat with Laura Issell, founder and director of PYHII, to tell us a little more about the project, and how you can get involved.

Inner Circle: For those who don’t know, what is PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT?

Laura Issell: Put Your Heart Into It is a sustainable event design specialist. We create beautiful spaces for celebrations while treading gently on the earth. We also run workshops, offer sustainable design consultation and create grazing tables for event catering with an artistic twist.

IC: How would you define an ‘eco-gathering’?

LI: I consider the environmental impact of everything we do and wherever possible work to reduce waste, keep it local and organic and encourage others to do the same. Equally important is the ‘gathering’ aspect. We love nurturing connection and building strong community with clients, business partners and within our own team.

IC: You must have designed and created some amazing events. Do you have a favourite?

LI: It’s so hard to pick just one. We collaborated on an event late last year called Enquiring Minds which was magical. It was a beautiful evening of contemporary Indigenous dance, food and conversation. That was probably one of the most memorable events I’ve worked on.

IC: You are based in Northcote, an area well-known as a hub for creatives and artists. How has being based in Melbourne’s inner north helped shape PYHII?

LI: We are so lucky to be a part of the inner north culture and it is definitely part of us. Our studio is on the banks of the Merri Creek in a thriving shared creative space called BIGBANG Studio. We are surrounded by passionate, interesting creatives. I think we feed off the natural environment and the amazing people around us.

IC: Can you tell us a little about the workshops you run at PYHII?

LI: If you attend one of our workshops you can expect lovely people in a beautiful space learning interesting new skills. We provide a grazing table of delicious food as well as wine and tea so you can nibble and socialise while you learn. We offer workshops on Wild Floristry, Make your own Natural Skincare, Macrame, Ceramics, Merchandising and Stamp Making and so many more. We are always adding new classes and cooking up new ideas.

IC: I have no previous experience, can I still attend your workshops?

LI: Everyone is welcome at our workshops! From beginner crafters to established artists. Our teachers are really skilled and great at helping no matter what level you’re at.

IC: Lastly, where can our readers find out more about PYHII?

You can visit our website at follow us on instagram @putyourheartintoit and find us on Facebook at

PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT is located at Big Bang Studios, 1/177 Beavers Road, Northcote VIC 3070. 

You can find out more about their upcoming workshops here.

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