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Flora Is Blooming In In.Cube8r This Month

February 8, 2018

Tonight marks opening night of in.cube8r’s latest bouquet of art, Flora. A hand-picked group of artists exploring their relationship with nature are taking over this show, adorning the space with botanical beauties.

Though stunning in architecture with hand-planted plants giving life to the aesthetic environment of the inner north, our home is lacking of the wild bloom of natural flowers you find beyond the city lights. In.cube8r is bringing this indulgence to its walls, and potentially yours too, up until the 27th of February.

Included are works by Hannah Goggs, Rebecca Lourey, Maria Al Zoubi (pictured above), Kat Marshall, Ebony Andrews, Shanti Shea An, Jo Mason, Louisa West, RomyRiver, Manda Jean Art & Caroline O’Brien.

Elle-May Michael, Curator and Director of in.cube8r, spoke about the influence and intentions of the show.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains in NSW, I was always in nature. I have fond memories of frolicking in the garden as a child, picking lavender, suckling on honeysuckle and taking flower offerings to the fairies each morning before school. Since moving to the city 10 years ago, I have felt a longing to be near flora again. The delicacy and vibrancy flora provides is a welcome break from the harshness of city life. In this show, I invited a handful of artists to depict their relationship with Flora, and to bring it here to in.cube8r to adorn our walls (and hopefully yours). In the sections below, you can read artist statements from several of the artists participating in the show and see previews of the work they will be exhibiting.

Other artists also chatted about their inspirations for their pieces, so before you check them out for yourself, let their interpretation bring life and a whole new dimension to their floral masterpieces.


Shanti Shea An

Shanti Shea An is an emerging artist based in Canberra, Australia. After studying painting at the ANU School of Art & Design, she has continued her studio research into the tension between figurative and abstract imagery. She is particularly fascinated by ways of describing interior spaces and the relationship between colour and shape.

The depiction of flora often connects the interior environment with the exterior world. Not only do cut flowers bring the colour and fragrance of spring into the domestic setting, they also allude to a certain softness within nature that is both calming and stimulating. As I am often drawn to contrasts between inside/outside, hard edge/soft edge and constructed/organic within my work, the subject of flora allows me to further explore these relationships.


Ebony Andrews

Inspired by geometric shapes, the natural world, and wild woman archetypes, Ebony Andrews is passionate about creating arresting artworks with striking contrasts of colour.

I work as a florist, so I am always around flowers. I’ve found that working and manipulating flowers to be amazingly therapeutic. Printmaking and flowers make my world go round.


Hannah Goggs

Hannah Goggs is a Fremantle-based textile artist focusing on Australian Flora and bird life, who loves being able to touch and interact with her mediums.

I love gardening, textiles and our unique Australian plants. I can appreciate the diversity in our natives and love to study, grow and create art from them. They also provide shelter and food for our wildlife, especially our birds, which is also another passion of mine.


Romy River

Romy River is a Sydney-based female photographer who has been practicing her craft of observational photography over a decade. Using her bet up old Pentax, a 50mm lens and 35mm film, her body of work reflects our relationship to the natural world.

The pieces in this show were taken on a fog filled morning in northern NSW, and it is as though the trees are speaking through the fog, an eerie song of solitude and secrets, of which we could only ever hope to decipher.


Flora is showing at in.cube8r from the 8th-27th of February, opening at 6pm tonight.

321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11am-5pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am-6pm (or 8pm on exhibition nights)

Sunday 12pm-4pm

Event Link

Feature Image Credit: in.cube8r gallery Facebook Page

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