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‘FLOW’, in conjunction with the ART + CLIMATE = CHANGE FESTIVAL 2017

April 18, 2017

The Counihan Gallery in Brunswick has announced the upcoming opening of FLOW, an exhibition presented in conjunction with the ART + CLIMATE = CHANGE FESTIVAL 2017

FLOW is major exhibition featuring artists working across a broad range of media from photography and video through to drawing and installation, and confronts humanities arguably greatest challenge of the future by drawing on its sum parts to present a collective and expansive philosophical proposition.

As exhibition curator Heather Hesterman writes, Flow is a peculiar type of motion. It is what water does when ice sheets melt; what makes rivers etch the earth over eons; it is the grand gesture of humanity’s movement from the past into the future; and, alas, it is also that unfeeling description of massive, involuntary human migration. Matter and energy flow, and information too: evidenced by the firing of neurons as much as the contagion of an Internet sensation. Flow asks us to reflect on our experiences of flows and invites us to bear witness to the ecological present while hearing the call of our common ecological future.”

Gallery curator Victor Griss says, “It became evident during the first Art+Climate=Change Festival that in recent years climate scientists had found a perhaps unlikely ally in artists. They were amongst the first to heed the warnings and answer the call to arms, effectively becoming the conscience of the people while others stuck their heads in the sand. The artists in FLOW go a step further attempting to broaden the idea of ecology and change into something more universal and, more importantly, something we are constantly participating in.

FLOW launches at 6pm on Thursday 20 April at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick and runs until 21st May. A series of special public programs will be held in conjunction with the exhibition and the festival.

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