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From the wheel to the cube. A bit of Clifton Hill in Fitzroy.

March 19, 2018

Meet Gordon, a Melbourne potter creating stoneware for country and urban homes alike. 

Words by Elle-May Michael

Gordon creates gorgeous stoneware from his Clifton Hill studio – working with natural materials including local ash & rock wherever possible. The resulting products are beautifully simple pieces, in greys, greens and occasional pops of colour.

Clifton Hill Pottery is all bout creating practical and comfortable designs which turn everyday objects into something a little bit special. Gordon describes his style as “very much functional and simple, based on the ability of gas-fired stoneware to surprise with each firing”.

Gordon can be found popping up at occasional markets around Melbourne but the rest of the time his creations can be found hanging out at the in.cube8r gallery in Fitzroy where he has rented a cube since 2009. His cube(s) are filled to the brim with mugs, beakers, plates, teapots, bowls and whatever else has recently come out of the kiln.

“I like selling at in.cube8r because it is a curated, professional setting for presenting my offerings in an aesthetically superior way. Having my material permanently on show allows me to understand the market better, and customers who enjoyed previous purchases always know there will be more or new material there to look at”.

Gordon’s future plans for his business include working on his bespoke work to create custom dining ware solutions for personal collections as well as creating signature pieces for restaurants. You can check out his collection at in.cube8r 7 days a week (excluding holidays) and on instagram @cliftonhillpottery.

in.cube8r gallery is home to more than 90 Melbourne Artists who all rent cubes and keep 100% of their sales.

Visit in.cube8r online at or in person at 321 Smith St Fitzroy.

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