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Harry Potter And The Completely Improvised Title

April 21, 2018

Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis. Now, I don’t know about you but I have never noticed that edition of HP at the local bookstore, jammed in next to other such mythical tales as Harry Potter and the Philosophical Pot ‘n’ Parma. However, these are some of the wonderful fables you can experience at Completely Improvised Potter- a comedy show that portrays some of the wildly shambolic activities that Harry and co get up to when not under the watchful scripture of J.K Rowling.

And so it begins, as we sit down to cries of, ‘Welcome to Hogwarts!’ I start to get a slightly apprehensive feeling. I actually feel nervous myself, unable to comprehend how these six comedians are going to get up on the stage and make us laugh, in completely improvised fashion. That is the beauty of improvisation, it is something that is so far out of most of our comfort zones that it is really amazing to watch. These six do it extremely well; within minutes the audience is cracking up and we are about to see Hogwarts as it has never been seen before. With the audience suggestion of ‘Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis’ the chosen title, the Soothplayers team embark on the most ridiculous story line that even Rowling herself could not conjure up. We are witness to a washed up Sirius Black heading off on a Euro trip, a prematurely balding Voldemort desperate to regain some hair and a Ron Weasley who has never encountered furniture before.

If you are after a night out that is totally different with guaranteed laughs, this is for you. Whether you are a Potter tragic or not, it is well worth catching even if just for the fun of knowing you are witnessing something that is being fabricated right in front of your eyes. If Hamlet and Macbeth are more your style, the Soothplayers group also perform a Completely Improvised Shakespeare night that has stellar reviews. My advice? Get involved in the magic, it just may be your title that is pulled out of the Goblet of Fire!


Soothplayers Completely Improvised Potter is playing this weekend at Trades Hall, Carlton.

21st-22nd April 

6pm-7pm or 7pm-8pm 

Click here for tickets

Feature Image Credit: Soothplayers Website 

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