‘If you saw me walk, would you assume I could run?’: A Review

March 29, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

Consumed in our Facebook profiles and Instagram feeds, most of us live in a world of images reconstructing the events we have experienced, the places we have seen and the people we have met.

A photograph is a construction of a moment, the world in front of the lens a counterpart to the motionless one behind.

New Zealand born and Melbourne based Artist, Alice Duncan’s latest exhibition runs with this idea. ‘If you saw me walk, would you assume I could run?’ strikes up a conversation between photographs and ready-made objects, investigating the way people have come to see photographs as their reality.

Throughout the exhibition, it is clear Alice’s muse is the analogue camera, using film as a way for the audience to perceive seemingly mundane things in a new way, appreciating the strangeness in the world.
This exhibition makes you question everything in the best way possible, it’s art that quite literally anyone can take something from, even those with no clue. Alice has taken our world that may not be perfect in composition and lighting as a photographic representation, but is supremely real, and put it on show.

Step into this parallel universe at Bus Projects in Collingwood until April 8th.

Feature Image Credit: Facebook

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