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In.cube8r Gallery: The Handmade Emporium & Emerging Artist Gallery in Fitzroy

April 9, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

Promoting themselves as ‘the one-stop shop for all things handmade’, in.cube8r gallery is an inner northerners dream, catering to the needs of all who seek the unique and the extraordinary, with a range of works for sale from a plethora of local creatives.

Having helped emerging and established artists display and sell their works for a number of years now, the store and gallery is rightfully recognised as a Smith Street icon.

We recently caught up with Elle-May, who runs the store, to learn more about in.cube8r, what advice she has for emerging artists, and what we can expect from the store and gallery in the coming weeks.

Inner Circle: For those who don’t know, what is in.cube8r?

Elle-May: in.cube8r is a handmade emporium and emerging artist gallery in Fitzroy which is home to more than 100 local creatives. We rent spaces such as glass cubes, shelves, clothing racks and walls from as little as $25 a week and charge no commission on sales the artists make through us. We are kind of like a 7 day a week meets department store of one-off unique items!

IC: Why did you choose to locate in Melbourne’s inner north?

E-M:We have been on Smith Street in Fitzroy for almost a decade now. This suburb and the inner north in general are such creative hubs and full of such awesome people who just “get it”.

IC: You must have seen some fantastic artists come through your doors, do you have a favourite?

E-M: Every artist is unique and special in their own way. We never have two artists doing the same thing so you are asking me to choose from 100 awesome people working in completely different mediums and styles… I cant choose!

IC: What advice would you give to local artists and creatives just starting out?

E-M: Get yourself out there in front of the people and in as many places as possible. You can try one thing at a time and see what the results are but out most successful artists have their creations in several locations around Melbourne, are super active on social media and participate in markets and design festivals whenever the opportunity comes up. You have to give it your all.

IC: You run regular art exhibitions in the gallery, can you tell us a little about the process from conception to exhibition?

E-M: Both myself and our curator Tess Wait chat about exhibition ideas, sometimes based on a theme we like or sometimes because we have several artists we think would be great together and so we put together a theme to suit their art. From there it is lots of emailing, artist wrangling and marketing until it all explodes on opening night. Our shows are growing fast with many people coming to our opening nights and trickling in during the shows duration. It is really fun to have a new theme every few weeks and a good excuse for a little party!

IC: If I was a local artist, how would I of about displaying my works and selling my items at in.cube8r?

E-M: Come check out the space and chat with us! Every one is welcome!

IC: Lastly, what can we expect from in.cube8r over the coming weeks?

E-M: We have a few shows coming up including our ‘girl-power’ show GRRL and our ‘fan-art’ show SHRINE. Both include some other related events like talks, workshops and other fun things so check out the events and come along to say hi!

You can find out more about the store and gallery at

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