Introducing Sarah Tracton’s ‘Hearing it For Silence’

July 12, 2018

Sarah Tracton’s Hearing it For Silence opens on July 13th at St Heliers St Gallery at Abbotsford convent.

In 2013, Sarah underwent two surgeries to implant bionic ears. She says that once she regained her hearing, the atmosphere, colours and tactility of materials became more intense. Her sensory deprivation is the catalyst for her creativity, and at the forefront of this show.

This body of work involves black and white pen drawings, paired with iridescent ceramic lights. Sarah uses drawing as a meditative practice of creative immersion in complete silence. They are freehand drawings that begin with no plan or intention, but often resemble anatomical structures. She enjoys the challenge of creating dimensions with only lines.

The ceramic lights are made with architectural porcelain slabs, by pouring wet porcelain slip onto smooth plaster surfaces. They are sanded and twice fired. Containing microfine bentonite, the silky-smooth ceramics have a highly translucent finish. The objective of creating light is that it has an impact on the positive space. In St Heliers St Gallery, the lights will shine on Sarah’s pen drawings, creating a colourful landscape topographical map.

As her first solo exhibition, Sarah is excited to show at a venue so steeped with character, ambience and history. Working alongside certified electricians, she is presenting a show that demonstrates the impact of light for those who experience sensory deprivation.

Hearing it For Silence runs from July 13th to 24th at Abbotsford Convent.

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