La Mama Courthouse Show Preview: The Light Within the Night (Cahaya Memintas Malam)

March 17, 2017

If you’re stuck for something to do over the next few nights, then why not head down to La Mama Courthouse Theatre in Carlton for The Light within the Night.

This performance tell the story of the ancient Sundanese tale of Jamarun, where a poor man is executed.
Before he dies he tells the town that his innocent corpse will take on a beautiful fragrance, but his words turn into a curse when the birds and butterflies that are drawn to the sweet smell blot out the sun and turn day into a perpetual night.

The show started on Wednesday 15th March but continues until Sunday 19th March. Tickets are going fast, however, with only small numbers remaining for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, so get in quick!

To learn more about the production, head to For tickets, head straight to

See you there!

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