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Next Wave Festival’s Great Movements Of Feeling

May 25, 2018

Gertrude Contemporary has worked collaboratively with Next Wave Festival since 2002, supporting and mentoring emerging curators in ambitious and experimental projects. This year, curator Zara Sigglekow presents her project Great Movements of Feeling. The exhibition explores emotion in the everyday, through installation, video, and sound. Executed by up-and-coming and established artists, the exhibition puts contemporary art into the wider civic sphere, provoking conversation about the politics of emotion.

Each artist works within their own concerns and aesthetic, to show facets of emotion in any form. Some artists focus on bodily feeling, others a cognitive judgement.

Sue Williamson’s It’s a Pleasure to Meet You is a 24 minute, two channel video that explores two strangers’ perspectives on the death of their fathers to South African civil unrest. Their conversation unveils anger, forgiveness and grief in a gentle approach to story-telling. The two strangers hold separate views on their fathers’ deaths; the woman politely describes the events that led to her father’s passing, while the man is still writhing with anger over the death of his own.

Megan Cope critiques bullying, especially in the realm of social media and the corruptive power of social and political movements. Cope’s installation The Empire Strikes Back explores the emotions involved in oppression, power, and trauma of social media. In the darkness, Cope spotlights a hanging bark and beeswax sculpture, referencing the all too often result of this plight; violence as entertainment.

Gertrude Contemporary

21-31 High St Preston

Tuesday – Friday open 11am – 5:30pm

Saturday open 11am – 4:30pm

Great Movements of Feeling is running until 16th June 2018. Event details here


Feature Image Credit: Sarah Walker

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