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The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre brings Ai Wei Wei’s, Human Flow to Carlton

March 1, 2018

Human Flow is set to be an extraordinarily powerful piece of cinema that provides insight into the contemporary mass displacement of human beings. This crucial film explores the current refugee crisis occurring on a global scale and projects the struggles, triumphs and staggering journey’s of people’s displacement over 23 different countries.

Directed by Chinese activist and artist, Ai Wei Wei, Human Flow broadcasts the enormity of this global phenomenon with over 65 million people forced to migrate due to issues such as persecution, famine and climate change. Wei Wei is a man of strong moral conviction and keen insight into some of the most prominent issues of the 21st century. He is a dissident and has faced fear and persecution to bring major world issues into the limelight. As an artist he has risked his own freedom and life for his practise as he speaks out against major violations of human rights.

Hosted by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, this film explores one of the greatest dilemmas facing contemporary society. It conveys the vast scope of this global phenomenon- with the current displacement of people being at its greatest since WW2- whilst also zoning in on individual stories as they visit over 40 refugee camps around the globe. Wei Wei raises the imperative question as to how these issues are going to be faced, on both a personal and much bigger level.

The screening will be presented on the 7th of March at Cinema Nova and of every ticket sold, $24.87 is donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. This money will go back into this self-funded, independent organisation that offers services to refugees and asylum seekers, with a focus on providing empowerment and support to those that need it. Oscar nominated and widely acclaimed, this documentary comes at a pivotal time, when to paraphrase the film itself, society must choose between living in fear and denial or with openness, empathy and understanding.

Cinema Nova 

380 Lygon St, Carlton 

For tickets head to:


Feature Image Credit: Human Flow Facebook Page

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