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Fall In Love With Your Workspace – Building No.2 Has Launched In Collingwood

April 25, 2018

The night of Building No.2’s launch party; the warmth of the space was amplified as the sun set through the warehouse windows and washed the space in a golden glow. These same windows provide the abundance of natural light that gives Building No. 2 some of its appeal for business people from all professions.

Between glasses of champagne and delicious gourmet nibbles, guests talked both business and pleasure while wondering through the offices on show. We couldn’t help but notice the collection of Inner Circle Magazines in the stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, and around the offices. The interior is light and airy, and scattered with copious healthy looking indoor plants. These minor details, along with the numerous oversized windows, creates a fresh and relaxed feel that would appeal to many in search of a productive and functional work space.

Whilst wondering around the space, it was evident that Building No. 2 has all you would need on a typical day at the office. Spread over two floors you will find a variety of work spaces to suit the needs of business people from all walks of life. With a board room, shower facilities, fully stocked fridge in the kitchen, Wi-Fi and a space to suit any need, it’s easy to understand why their membership is growing.

Proud owners Christina Theodorou and Jerry Wolveridge mingled during the launch, sharing the journey of Building No.2 and accepting genuine compliments on the beauty and feel of his creation. Jerry says meeting new members has been a highlight of the process so far.

“As our membership grows we are learning to cater for the needs of our growing community, and that’s been fantastic,” he says.

The unique characteristics of the old CSIRO building were the inspiration behind Building No. 2.

“We were inspired by the building and the idea that we could create something on a smaller scale to meet our member’s needs; we could create a more intimate work space,” he says.

Jerry is proud that the space has quickly been labelled as warm and charming.

“Other collaborative work places are often on such a large scale. We thought this was the perfect space to create something a little more intimate,” he says.

The courtyard space was the perfect back drop for the cosy event, with charming string lights and leafy greenery. Jerry says this space will be available for future events and functions. Building No. 2 has memberships for one off visits or ongoing Dedicated Desks and FlexiDesk Memberships as well as Private Offices. It is fully equipped with anything you would need for a successful day at the office.

Building No.2

1/9 Byron Street, Collingwood

Make an enquiry today by visiting

All images credit of Building No. 2 

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