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Interview with Fiona Newton of The Fitzroy Market, A Local Gem

March 17, 2017
The Fitzroy Market

One of the the most enjoyable features of Melbourne’s inner north is the variety of community markets found throughout the region. There is literally something for everyone, and The Fitzroy Market epitomises this perfectly, with a wholesome and varied collection of goodies to keep shoppers and browsers of all ages happy. We recently caught up with Fiona Newton, who runs the market, to learn more about this Fitzroy gem and the good work they do in the local community.

Inner Circle: For those who don’t know, tell us about The Fitzroy Market?

Fiona Newton: The Fitzroy Market is a flea-style market with over 75 stalls of pre-loved and handmade items. Patrons love to come to the market and brag about the bargains and new treasured items they’ve found while rummaging through the stalls. The market also has a real community feel and is known for its friendly chilled out vibe – many locals spend hours with us when the market is running and eat breakfast or lunch at the market and enjoy some local music.

IC: How did The Fitzroy Market come about?

FN: A friend of mine was coordinating the after school care program at Fitzroy Primary School and had the idea to run a market on the school property. I loved the idea and when my friend decided to move to the country, I asked if I could take over and I ran with it.

IC: How has the Fitzroy Market helped the local community over the years?

FN: We encourage our patrons to give a gold coin donation when they enter the market which is given to Fitzroy Primary School, the Fitzroy Learning Network, a local refugee support program, and to the market. We also offer a free stall to Sisterworks.

IC: What sort of goodies can we expect to find at The Fitzroy Market?

FN: The stall holders at the market sell anything that is pre-loved or handmade. Clothes, plants, vintage cameras, vinyl, candles, books, jewellery, birthday cards and any random new treasure you can find.

IC: Do you shop at the market yourself?

FN: Our whole team spends too much time every market shopping when we should probably be working! Half my wardrobe and our household plants have been purchased at the market.

IC: What is the best purchase you ever made at the market?

FN: Definitely the weather rooster! It’s a felt rooster that changes colour and tells you what the weather will be. See, random!

IC: If someone was interested in booking a stall space at the market, how would they go about it?

FN: All our stall bookings are done via our website, but be quick as we book out 2-3 months in advance!

IC: Lastly, when is the next Fitzroy Market?

FN: The market is held on the third Saturday of every month (except April this year as it clashes with Easter – 8th April). Saturday March 18th is our next market.

The Fitzroy Market is located on the corner of Napier St & Greeves St, Fitzroy.

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