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Renegade Pub Football League Is Kicking Off The Season This Weekend

April 26, 2018

Cheer for your local watering hole this winter at the Renegade Pub Footy.

Melbourne winter is synonymous with cold dark nights, the return of the Bachelor and the glorious combination of meat pies, beers and footy. Come rain, hail or shine, men and women will be trudging out onto muddy green pastures to deliver us the height of entertainment, bits of pastry spilling out of our mouths as we shamelessly cheer and will them on to “go harder!”

There is a certain nostalgic romance to grassroots footy that can be lost at the AFL. The Renegades Pub Football League is as community oriented as it can get. As the name suggest, this not-for-profit league involves teams that represent different pubs around Melbourne’s Inner North including The Tote, The Railway Eye Gougers and the Vic Hotel Galah’s. In contrast to the highly competitive nature of most organised sports, pub footy is all about inclusion and having a go. Anyone can play so long as you are over 18, creating an amazing dynamic that is pure unsolicited entertainment. The focus is as much on socialising and entertainment as it is about the game, so if you are interested in music, drinking or footy (or all three) then this will be your scene.

Round one kicks off on the 28th of April and will see match ups such as Old Bar Unicorns v Crazy Arms Bats, The Tote v Workers Club Lions and The Vic Hotel Galahs v Labour in Vain, with all games played at Victoria Park, Abbotsford. So get on down to support these high end pub athletes battle it out in true blue fashion- it will be grubby, hilarious and a lot of fun!

Renegade Pub Football League 

Victoria Park, Abbotsford 


Round 1

Saturday 28th April

1pm – 5pm


Feature Image Credit: Renegade Pub Football League Facebook Page

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