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Tune In To PBS Radio Festival

May 9, 2018

Melbourne’s inner north is a hub of community radio. Various stations broadcast from the inner city suburbs and are the musical beacons of the north, providing the beat and atmosphere of daily life in Melbourne. Community radio is a sensational, grassroots alternative to commercial radio, exposing the audience to eclectic and varied music whilst giving underrepresented musicians a platform for airplay.

The Public Broadcasting Service or PBS as it is affectionately known is one such valuable resource, providing Melbournians with music, stories and the general what’s on of our unique city. PBS has been diversifying Melbourne’s airwaves since 1979, with over 80 different programs opening our ears and minds to new realms of music. What is so great about stations such as PBS, is that it is the community itself that keeps these stations going. PBS keeps the music rolling through its epic team of volunteers and through memberships, donations and sponsorship. It is this that allows PBS to continue to be fantastically uncommercial, with no overly hyped up jingly voices advertising ‘national tiles’- it is real people talking about real stuff.

The PBS Radio Festival is an annual fundraising event that runs from the 14th to the 27th of May. Listeners can join up as members at any time, but the Radio Festival is the time of major recruitment as PBS looks to gain as many memberships as they can. If you join up at the time of the festival, there are many tasty prizes to be won and you will revel in the knowledge that you are keeping the music alive!

It is a sense of community that underlies the spirit of a place. In this way, community radio is one of the pieces that makes Melbourne the beautiful and unique shape it is. Stations such as PBS are an essential part of Melbourne’s culture and are worth supporting. Tune in to 106.7 over the PBS Radio Festival and sign up for membership for your chance to win a host of prizes and be involved in the fun!

Feature Image Credit: Girls Rock Melbourne Facebook Page 

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