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UnHappy Nappy: Adopting a Green Approach to Nappies

April 11, 2017
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EnviroShop is Australia’s leading environmental products retailer, and have been helping people go green since 1996. At EnviroShop it is all about helping their customers adopt ethical and environmentally conscious living practices, not only by offering a range of environmentally friendly products, but also by creating, promoting and endorsing a range of initiatives to help tackle everyday problems and tasks in a green manner.

One such initiative is their current compostable nappy service, helping to deal with the enduring issue of environmental damage caused by traditional disposable nappies.

We recently caught up with Ruby Robertson, the manager at EnviroShop in Northcote, to discuss the initiative in a little more detail. Ruby also offers up some great advice for parents who are interested in learning more about what they can do to adopt a more green approach to nappies!

Inner Circle: Can you tell me about the nappy initiative you are currently running?

Ruby Robertson: We’re proud to provide a closed loop nappy drop service in which you can drop your compostable nappies to us for collection by our commercial composting partner, who then take them to the composting facility in Shepparton to be processed into nutrient rich compost to put back into the earth to feed our soils.

IC: Why baby nappies?

RR: Babies really should be those most invested in the future of our natural environment! But a product that we have created for our convenience is having huge destructive impacts on the same environment they are going to inherit. For too long we have accepted nasty nappies, now there are much more sustainable options available!

IC: How did this initiative come about?

RR: Australian company EEnee’s had enough of the waste created by conventional nasty nappies, so innovated to create an environmentally friendly, fully compostable nappy. We then came in to provide the collection service to complete the loop!

IC: What damage to traditional nappies do to the environment?

RR: A child using disposable nappies, will put between 5,000 – 10,000 nappies into landfill before they are toilet trained. Unless these nappies are one of the few genuinely biodegradable nappies, they will still be breaking down in the environment by the time that child starts university. With a growing population, the amount of disposable nappies going to landfill each year poses a serious threat to our natural environments.

On top of this, conventional nappies contain many nasty chemicals and embodied energy that further puts pressure on the environment that the child will inherit. It takes roughly 1 cup of crude oil to make the plastic in one disposable nappy.

IC: Do you have any advice for parents?

RR: Luckily there are solutions! That EnviroShop Northcote is proud to make possible. I have ordered this list in environmental preference.

  1. Modern Reusable Nappies
    BioBums- A reusable nappy outer, with washable natural fibre liner inserts. Washing is much more energy efficient than making from raw ingredients. Cloth can be recycled at is end of life.
    No exposure to chemicals or harmful binding agents etc. contained in conventional nappies.
  2. Compostable Nappies
    Eenee’s- This system really gives back, it uses a reusable baby belt with a  fully compostable liner. The soiled nappies are then converted into soil food via a commercial composting service we offer, which processes them into compost in Shepparton.
  3. Better Disposable Nappies
    Ecoriginals-  An Australian business, produced efficiently with no chemicals and natural ingredients, biodegrading much faster than conventional supermarket nappies.

IC: Are these nappies expensive?

RR: Not at all, we’ve done all the maths (which is available in store) for you to see for yourself, reusable nappies actually end up being exponentially cheaper alternative than disposables.

IC: What feedback have you had from parents currently getting involved with the initiative?

RR: Parents love to have the opportunity to positively contribute to a more sustainable and abundant future for their children. We know too much now to continue to support environmentally destructive products!

IC: And lastly, where can we get hold of these nappies?

RR: EnviroShop, Northcote!

You can find EnviroShop Northcote at 253 High Street. Alternatively, you can shop online at

FB: @EnviroShop Northcote
Insta: @enviro_shop

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