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A Chat with Lorenza Bini of Collingwood’s Bini Gallery

July 20, 2017
Bini Gallery Collingwood

Launched back in 2010 by Lorenza Bini, Bini Gallery in Collingwood showcases an exquisite selection of unique, handcrafted jewellery from both local and international jewellers, as well as regular, inspiring exhibitions.

The gallery range includes work in gold, silver, glass, ceramic, vinyl, lace, pencils, aluminium, fabric, and laminated petals and flowers, and there is often a focus on items made from unique up-cycled and recycled materials.

We recently caught up with Lorenza to find out a little more about Bini Gallery and the inspiration and motivation behind the gallery. We also find out what we can expect from Bini Gallery in the coming months.

Inner Circle: Hi Lorenza! For those who don’t know, what is Bini Gallery, and more importantly, what makes Bini Gallery stand out?

Lorenza Bini: Bini Gallery Jewellery is a gallery-style retail space representing local and international jewellers, both emerging and established, and placing a great emphasis on the use of materials, rare artisan skills and innovation. Bini Gallery Jewellery stands out for its originality, quality and playfulness without necessarily being expensive. The majority of our collections are hand made or produced in limited edition and exclusively available in Australia from Bini Gallery.

IC: You have been operating for a number of years now. Why did you decide to create Bini Gallery?

LB: I moved to Australia nearly 12 years ago from Italy because of my husband’s job.

After our second child was born, I wanted to start my own career here in Melbourne but it wasn’t easy to figure out what to do. My passion for jewellery and the many opportunities Australia gives you made me audacious enough to start my own business in jewellery in 2010, even though it was something I had never done before. I later realised that my previous work experience helped me a lot.

Back in Italy I studied Art History at the University of Bologna and I worked in some public and private art and photography galleries.

IC: The choice of material plays a major role in the designs on offer, can you tell us how the choice of materials influences the design the jewellery you sell?

Bini GalleryLB: I am extremely fascinated by the beauty that can arise from ordinary or even mundane materials. In fact, Bini’s selection includes jewellery made out of pencils, plastic bottles, paper, Velcro, vinyl records and more. The use of unusual materials is a challenge for the artist but is not enough to achieve a great result. It is just a component of a creative process where every element has to have a reason and contributes to the creation of a quality piece.

IC: I love the fact that some of the designs use recycled materials. Would you say this approach based on ethical choices, or is there other inspiration there?

LB: For the majority of the jewellers, excluding the jewellery makers behind Magma Lab, who specifically make eco-jewellery by up-cycling PET bottles, recycling is just one component. Having said that, my clientele is very interested and surprised in discovering how some materials can be transformed in something completely different, making them reconsider the process and purpose of materials.

IC: Some of the jewellery designers are local, and some international. How do you choose your designers?

LB: I select the jewellers based on what I like. I suppose I have developed my aesthetic over the years. The common denominator I look for in all my collections are: high quality, originality of ideas, innovation, wearability, attention to detail and creativity.

I try to be open and to support young makers presenting them to my Australian audience, which is very curious and enthusiastic to see and discover new and different jewellery.

IC: Do you currently have any designers on board who are really impressing with innovative designs? Who should we really be looking out for?

LB: I believe Korean artist Yong Joo Kim, Italian Stefania Lucchette and Australian Melissa Cameron are all, for different reasons, exquisite jewellers.

IC: Away from shopping, you run regular exhibitions, the most recent being Gioielli All’Italiana, featuring more than 20 works by established and young talented jewellers. What else do you have planned for this year?

LB: Gioielli all’Italiana is the third exhibition I organised so far this year.

This month I am featuring the work of local artist Annamaria Plescia who makes interesting jewelleryBini Gallery Exhibition pieces out of bicycle tubes.  At the end of August I will host Shared Concerns, a collective exhibition by Melissa Cameron and five  jewellery makers coming from US in occasion of Radiant Pavilion Jewellery week.

I will also participate in the Gertrude Street Projection Festival in July, hosting the work of a local video artists.

IC: Lastly, how can we get our hands on some wonderful creations from Bini Gallery?

LB: Bini Gallery is open every day Monday to Friday 10.30 – 6 pm, Saturday 11 – 5 pm, Sunday 11 – 4 pm. It is also possible to join the mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter, email us your name and address to

Discover our latest pieces on Facebook,  Instagram bini_gallery and our website

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