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Bargain Hunting Down Sydney Road, Brunswick

February 12, 2018

In terms of fashion, the inner north is home to an eclectic number of designers, styles and unique trends. One of the most popular movements is that of ‘op shopping’ or ‘thrifting’. Bargain hunting isn’t just a way to save money and think reusable; it’s part of the cultural scene in Melbourne’s, inner north. This distinct style is especially prevalent on Sydney Road, Brunswick – an area teeming with vintage stores. Offering alternatives to the mainstream sea of brands found in the city and all around the world, some of the places on Sydney Road are a must-see for the ‘thrifters’ and ‘op shoppers’.

Savers – This thrift store chain is a vintage-lover’s dream. Offering second-hand clothing, footwear, furniture, books and anything else you can imagine, this large warehouse has it all. The clothing is organised by gender, style and size, making it easy to manoeuvre through the hundreds of racks scattered around the vicinity. Prices start as low as a few dollars, making Savers a place for anyone to find something at a very reasonable price.

Image Source: Savers Australia (Brunswick) Facebook Page

Scavengers – Home to a range of recycled clothing and bric-à-brac, Scavengers is another Sydney Road vintage store to tick off the list. Compared to Savers, the shop is quite small, but it is not to be underestimated. From DVDs to old-school accessories, this venue contains a diverse mix of everything.

Image Source:

St Vincent De Paul Society (Vinnies) – With a reputation for a great range of vintage fashion, this household name is a staple in the thrifting world. A large portion of the store features a fantastic range of retro style furniture and home wares, all in rather good condition. The inclusion of colourful (sometimes fluorescent) clothing pieces and unique bits and bobs makes Vinnies a pleasurable experience for all who visit.

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Melbourne Vintage – Collectors of beautiful vintage furniture, decor and fashion items, this vibrant store has a little something for everyone. Priced a little higher than some of the others on Sydney Road, Melbourne Vintage boasts quality products, as well as a functioning website to complement their Brunswick and Carlton stores.

Image Source: Melbourne Vintage Facebook Page

Honourable mentions include: Don Bosco Op Shop, Recycle Boutique, and Salvos. Dejour Jeans isn’t a vintage store, but they do on-site alterations on their wholesale denim, making it the perfect place to buy affordable and well-fitting jeans.

Feature Image Credit: @melbournevintage Instagram 

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