Fairy Floss: “Clothes for the tribe… the free-spirited people”

April 5, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

Brunswick Street, although subject to opinion, is home to Melbourne’s most outgoing and alternative fashion statements. Fairy Floss is just one to name. But don’t confuse this with all things sweet, fluffy and pink – Fairy Floss has a style of it’s own. With a tribal influence, this is a clothing brand for men, women and kids that seek to illustrate their style in a unique fashion.

Every season comes with a new style collection: whether it be post-apocalyptic madness (inspired by Mad Max), summer tribe, or Vikings. Although primarily influenced by the theme of ‘tribal’, you can shop for clothing throughout the year with inspirations sourcing from casual steampunk, pixie and faerie, psytrance, bush doof, festival wear, party wear, burlesque, psychedelic, as well as gypsy punk and indie wear. There’s a huge range of funky and earthy-inspired clothing to fulfil your alternative fashion desires.

“I’m inspired by my environment,” says Revital, the designer of Fairy Floss clothing who works alongside her partner, Alex. “Each time it’s something else. In Melbourne I was inspired by the street art, the whole artsy vibe, buildings… that was the nature, y’know, being there… each time it’s something else. A lot of television shows, like Vikings, Game of Thrones, as well as Mad Max [are inspiring to me]… we were in the desert in Israel for a while, so we had one collection inspired by the desert. Whatever we have our inspiration for, has to be in the lines for Fairy Floss.”

The upcoming winter collection is continuing it’s hugely successful “quite subtle” Viking style (not costumes but “everyday clothing that you can wear everywhere.”) with some new additions including new leather gear, jackets, as well as leg warmers, scarfs, vests and more warm clothes to keep you layered and cozy this Melbourne winter.

“[The style] is always tribal,” says Revital. “We are always making clothes for our tribe – the people that come together in festivals, people that like nature, earth-frequency, like to dance, free-spirited people, you can always recognise those people by how they are dressed – different to the mainstream trend.”

The clothes and accessories are functional, comfortable and made to last. No more complaining about loose threads, stretched t-shirts or broken zips and clasps – Fairy Floss promises made-to-last quality, as well as style, with close attention to detail. You can find fabrics ranging from stretchy cotton (to suit any body type ranging from XS to a size 16 in women), as well as leather, lace, frills, prints, studs, cuts and special washes.

So who should wear Fairy Floss clothing?

“Someone that has their own way of life, not so influenced by others. We call ourselves the ‘underground fashion’ meaning you can mix-n-match our clothing with other similar designers in our tribe… people who are creative, open-minded, people that want to feel comfortable with who they are and what they wear.”

All in all, Fairy Floss is about expression. You can feel free to express yourself; whether you’re out dancing or exploring Brunswick Street, Fairy Floss clothing is for the unique, earth loving, young and free in spirit individual.

The shop is also planning to host a number of alternative in-store events, the first of which is the upcoming visionary art exhibition, opening on  8th of April from 6:30-9:30pm, where you can expect an immersive & creative night of art & connection. Seven outstanding local and international artists will be attending, with live painting, bubbly and snacks, as well as some evening shopping for you to enjoy. Artists to look out for include Light Wizard, Melissa Shermanna, Clint Grierson, and many more. For more information, check out the Facebook event here.

With an online store and regular sales, events, and updated collections, be sure to explore your style at Fairy Floss. You can find Fairy Floss at 240 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065. The store is open from 10:30am-6:00pm. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and hit them up online at

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