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#instafashion: Meet the North’s Local Creators, Killing it on Instagram

March 14, 2018


Shortened version first appeared in Issue 13 of Inner Circle Magazine (March 2018)

Aphra Ellen –  Aphra Ellen, Brunswick @aphraellen.jewllery

“I’ve always loved contemporary jewelry and making things with my hands, so when I noticed that there

was a short course running down the road from my house I decided to try it,” says Aphra.

“After the first class I was hooked and haven’t really stopped making since!”

She’s been creating for 5 years now, and says her pieces are inspired by the patterns, textures and colours that surround her.

“I think lots of my work originates from things I have observed. It’s not conscious but I can see all these things are being collected and stored in my head and are then coming out in their own way in my work,” she says.

“I am always actively looking at my surroundings, finding patterns and textures and observing people, buildings, the city and most importantly nature.”

Shuh – Shuh Lee, Thornbury @shuhlee

Creating under the label ‘shuh’ since 2012, Shuh Lee’s jewellery journey all started with an accessories elective during her fashion degree.

“I really enjoyed creating and playing with different materials during the class. I knew some day I would give it a go and glad I did,” she says.

Now she creates bright, funky pieces from her Thornbury studio and finds inspiration in “conversation with friends, television shows, good food and travel adventures.”

“I want my work to be light hearted and fun, therefore I get most ideas over something funny or enjoying myself” she says.

“I like the feeling of creating everyday objects for people to enjoy and how I get to connect with people through that.”

The Sleepless Creative – Simone Hill, Alphington @thesleeplesscreative

“I had a friends wedding coming up and was looking for the perfect pair of earrings to match my outfit,

but just couldn’t find any that were quite right so I decided to have a go at making them myself,” says Simone.

“I enjoyed it so much things kind of just went from there…”

Though she’s only been creating for the last 12 months, Simone says she loves the flexible hours and creative aspect of the work.

“I love that I can work from home and still spend time with my kids. I also love working with my hands and creating something physical that I can see and feel.”

Pop Jewels – Sharni McKinnon, Fitzroy @popjewels

“I drop dead every time I see someone wearing my earrings. Seriously, it will never, ever, ever, ever, ever

get old,” Sharni says.

As her dad describes it, her label Pop Jewels is “more sparkle than serious” with inspiration for each piece coming straight from Sharni’s own wardrobe.

“I bloody love black – my wardrobe is a million shades of it. I wanted to make something that balanced the black, so I looked to my other greatest sartorial loves – glitter, metallic and big earrings,” she says.

“My aim was to choose simple shapes, excellent colour combinations and acrylics and to make them affordable.”

“Chic and cheap – no one wants to spend a bunch of cash on a piece of plastic, so everything I make is under $35.”

LBX Studios, Bronte Ashworth and Lilly Macdonald, Carlton @lbxstudios

“Both Lilly and I studied creative classes throughout our education, so when we came up with the idea for LBX we had a background in fashion and design,” explains Bronte.

“However, we had zero background in jewellery! We used YouTube and our beautiful jewellery making housemate from Twofold Jewellery to guide us.”

Inspired by positive change both in their day-to-day lives and on a more global level, the pair “love exploring topics like feminism, equality and other global movements to provoke ideas.”

“Fashion is such an easy way to provoke contemplation because it’s almost everywhere,” says Bronte.

The name LBX reflects this focus too.

“LBX includes both our initials but ultimately stands for Lead By Example,” explains Bronte.

“[To us], this is a way to describe being personally responsible within a business, to inspire others to support equality. “

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