Summer Fashion in the North: What’s on Trend Right Now?

February 1, 2017

The other directional suburbs of Melbourne may be home to massive shopping malls and designer shops, but they can in no way compare to the fashion-forwardness of the inner north. Generally speaking, northerners’ style is all about originality- which makes pinning down “trends” of the area quite a difficult task.

Just as a style is starting to trend, it’s disregarded as overdone or outdated. With so many secondhand shops and vintage gems in the area, it’s easy to rock a look that’s completely your own. Even if an outfit is inspired by someone or something else, the pieces that compose the ensemble could be completely unique. But, of course, no one can be 100% original, and all trends must start somewhere.

These days, they’re seeming to largely be sourced from the recent past. Nostalgia is having its moment (psychologists can deliberate on that), but I can’t deny what I’ve seen- which are an abundance of trends spawned from our pre-pubescent wardrobes.

Of all the summer fashion that can be spotted on the streets of the inner north, I narrowed things down to five styles that have caught my eye as I’ve wandered through town as of late.

  • inner circle magazineRegardless of gender, age or agricultural experience, overalls are continuing to trend in Melbourne. While we were initially seeing short overalls of the feminine variety and long for a masc look, roles are now reversing. Women are embracing the full-length one-piece, while guys are jumping on board with knee-length cut-off varieties.
  • The work (wo)man’s jumpsuit, a cousin of the overall, is also on trend right now- albeit a bit warm for these balmy Melbourne days. If you can, find yourself some coveralls that zip or button up the front, and wear them half open with the legs cuffed for a look that’s slightly cooler all around.
  • The early aughts may be a distant memory at this point, but no one can forget those hideous soccer slides that everyone seemed to rock back in the day. Oops, did I say hideous? Guess I should eat my words; these sandals are one more throwback fad that’s working its way into contemporary summer fashion. While some are embracing the traditional Adidas slides,
    others opt for a slightly more highbrow shoe, like these leather inner circle magazinebabies from Tony Bianco.
  • Remember when wearing shirts with cheeky statements printed on them was a thing that people actually did by choice rather than poor circumstances? Yeah well, statement tees are one more item that’s back in the spotlight. (Are we seeing a pattern here?) Like almost everything, inner northerners prefer a tee with a twist. Perhaps a quirky haiku embroidered onto recycled shirts, like these from local designers Yeasty Youth.
  • Speaking of patterns, prints of all varieties are still working their way through the shops and closets of Melbourne’s inner north. If it’s a printed co-ord set, you get bonus points. While patterns of all varieties are a go, especially popular options are textiles featuring images of food and/or illicit substances. Loud, abstract designs of the 70’s and 80’s are also good bets.

What’s your most loved, most hated, or most spotted trend in Melbourne’s inner north? Let us know in the comments!

Photography Credit: Jess Middleton, Check out her photography on Instagram and Facebook

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