The Best Ice Cream Joints in Melbourne’s Inner North

January 4, 2017
Best Ice Cream Inner North

New Year’s Resolution: Eat all of the Ice Cream!

The Christmas and New Year celebrations may well be over, but summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes, gorging ourselves on ice cream. From artisan gelato through to creamy delights in a cone, Melbourne’s north is home to some of the best ice cream parlours the state has to offer. To help with your search in finding the best, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite joints we think are a must visit. After all, we have just one New Year’s resolution: eat all of the ice cream!

Gelato Messina

Establishing itself as Sydney’s premier ice cream bar, Gelato Messina has fast gained a reputation amongst Melbourne foodies since expanding its empire interstate. Inspired by the owner’s Sicilian heritage and their loyal customer base, Messina boasts a huge 40 unique flavours, including a wide range of chocolate varieties, yogurt based gelato and dairy free and vegan sorbets.

While the atmosphere can rival a late night rave on a weekend – it gets super busy and the music can be overwhelming – the modern feel and relaxed nature of the staff help create a joyous environment. While big fans of the Apple Pie gelato, we recommend trying one of their 5 weekly specials, as you never know when these flavours will appear again.

Location: 237 Smith Street, Collingwood

Website: Gelato Messina

Billy van Creamy

Beginning life as an organic gelato truck, Billy van Creamy now has a semi-permanent store in Fitzroy where brothers Alex and Mitch Wells are plying their trade.

The store offers the same flavours as the truck, with classics like hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate readily available, while tasty treats such as the Donald Trump tribute Peanut Butter & Jam (described as rich, American and completely nuts) can also be devoured.

Adhering to the principal simple is better; the store setup is relatively basic with ice cream related murals from artist Billie Justice Thompson covering the walls. The ice cream follows suit with only five ingredients being used in its creation. The main flavour (mint, peanut butter, white chocolate), Demeter milk, cane sugar, cream and an egg yolk stablisier combine for delectable treats that will have you coming back for seconds.

Location:  27 Best Street, Fitzroy North

Website: Billy Van Creamy

Pidapipo Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Pidapipo


If you ever want to feel like you’ve been transported back to Italy in the 1960s then Pidapipo is the place for you. Owner Lisa Valmorbida traveled to Carpigiani Gelato University and learnt from the best before spending a season gaining experience in a gelateria in Vicenza, the village where her family are from.

Naming the store after an Italian version of Simon Says she used to play with her nonno, Pidapipo reflects Carlton’s rich Italian heritage, serving a selection of tradition (chocolate, pistachio, tiramisu) and experimental flavours (lavender and lemon sorbetto) made fresh daily from Italian and locally sourced produce.

While you might be in line for up to 15 minutes on a weekend, it’s well worth the wait, and we suggest trying the Nutella gelato, as nobody in Melbourne does it better.

Location: 222 Faraday Street, Carlton

Website: Pidapipo

N2 Extreme Gelato

Originating from Sydney, N2 Extreme Gelato is unlike any ice cream outpost we’ve ever visited before, with owners Min Chai and Angee Yeoh use liquid nitrogen to create their wondrous creations. Looking like mad scientists, staff wear protective goggles and inject the gelato with liquid nitrogen right before your very eyes. The nitrogen freezes the gelato, helping create a smooth creamy texture that will send your taste buds into orbit.

N2 make no bones about being “shamelessly indulgent” with their delicious creations. The menu changes weekly and involves a mixture of traditional and exotic options, but no matter what you order you won’t be disappointed.

Location: 329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Website: N2 Extreme Gelato

Zero Gradi Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Zero Gradi

Zero Gradi

Having conquered the art of pizza making, 400 Gradi owner and 2014 pizza world champion Johnny Di Francesco has taken on another Italian delight, gelato.

Opening early this year right next door to his original pizzeria, Zero Gradi is Francesco’s ode to Italian ice cream. Offering 18 classic flavours including pistachio, vanilla and chocolate, along with rotating weekly specials, such as the pizza inspired margarita flavour, Francesco has delivered the goods with his new operation.

Along with the standard serving in a cup or a cone, a wide range of traditional toppings are available, including whipped cream, wafer cookies and a selection of chocolate sauces.

Zero Gradi also serves a variety of cakes, coffee and other desserts for anyone wanting something different, but we suggest you stick with the ice cream.

Location: 93-97 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Website: Zero Gradi

Feature Image Credit: Pidapipo

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