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Blessed with a Bottomless Glass: Our Guide to the Best Breweries in the North

February 4, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

Living in Melbourne’s north we are truly spoilt with an abundance of excellent food and a smorgasbord of awesome music and eclectic art. We are also privileged enough to be blessed with what seems to be a bottomless glass of the golden stuff, otherwise commonly referred to as beer, thanks to the finest selection of independent breweries who also call the inner north their home. Without further ado, here is our guide to the best breweries in the north…

Temple Brewing Co Inner Circle Magazine

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Temple Brewing Co

Did you know that the first beer on record was made as far back as 9500 BC in a Temple? Not only that, but beer has also been instrumental in the formation of civilisations throughout history. Who would have thought our favourite recreational beverage would be so important to humanity? And Temple Brewing Co. was founded to celebrate just this.

The brewery itself has been wonderfully designed  to allow you, me and anyone else who wishes to observe the brewers crafting their creations, with safe walking areas designed to allow you a great view as you fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Temple Brewing Co. offer a fantastic selection of beers, all of which are worth trying, from their traditional pale ale ‘Anytime’ to their full-flavoured German Pilsner aptly named ‘Powerstance’.

Temple also boast about their environmentally friendly credentials, making the brewery as energy efficient as possible, also reclaiming waste water from the brewing process to be re-used in other tasks.

Location: 122 Weston Street Brunswick East

Website: Temple Brewing Co

Little Smith Brewing Inner Circle Magazine

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Little Smith Brewing

We all know bartenders love to drink. And thank goodness they do, because without beer loving bartenders we wouldn’t have Little Smith Brewing, a brewery born in the back streets of Fitzroy and conceived by a group of bartenders who just wanted to make their own booze!

Experimentation with a home brewing kit started off less than fruitful, but after a few mishaps, the Bastard Son American Pale Ale was born.

As proud of their home suburb as we are here at Inner Circle Magazine, the team was eager to reference the suburb that birthed their beer and the name of the Bastard Son APA looks back to medieval times, when the (often illegitimate) offspring of the ruling King would be given the name “Fitzroy”. Amazing.

Location: Little Smith Street, Fitzroy

Website: Little Smith Brewing

Inner Circle Magazine

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Moon Dog Craft Brewing

Brought to life by two violin paying brothers and their mate, Moon Dog create some of the most wonderfully funky and fantastic creations you can imagine. Starting things with a bang, their first creation was a heavy hitting double IPA, but as impressive at that was, things rapidly spiralled into a masterful beer version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, as they guys began to experiment with diverse range of ingredients that went on to include anything from truffle to chilli to pumpkin amongst others. Welcome to Moon Dog.

If you fancy taking a trip there, be prepared for oddities and delights. Unexpectedly located in the decidedly industrial part of Abbotsford, the bar and brewery shoot for the diverse, and the anything-goes vibe entices you in and preps you for experimentation. Be prepared for table tennis, popcorn, chandeliers and walls adorned with various oddities, and enter through the ‘secret’ bookcase door to find your way to further delights.

Location: 17 Duke St, Abbotsford

Website: Moon Dog Brewing

Inner Circle Magazine

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Thunder Road Brewing Company

Here at Inner Circle we certainly love crazy brews and stupendous experimentation. We love to be taken on a journey, exposed to new tastes and thoughts and feelings, simply by the beer we drink. But Thunder Road are not keen to divulge in extravagance. Instead they have one simple goal… to make some of the best and most seriously satisfying frosty thirst quenching craft beer there is. No bells and whistles, just a perfect beer to enjoy and pair with great food. And it really hits the spot!

But don’t mistake this for a lazy selection. Thunder Road are proud to present us with fantastic collection of varying styles, and openly proclaim there is something on offer for everyone, whether it be “refreshing, aromatic, bitter, lightly hopped, heavily hopped, yeasty or dark” you are after, you will find a bottle of the good stuff here.


Thunder Road have a loyal and ever growing fan base, and we can see why, with a conscious and heart-warming philosophy of integrity and quality at the forefront of their thinking and process.

Location: 130 Barkly St, Brunswick

Website: Thunder Road Brewing

Inner Circle Magazine

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Bodriggy Brewing Company

If you could accurately judge a brewery and it’s beer by it’s branding and artwork, this one would well and truly be a winner. But as you can’t judge a beer by it’s branding and artwork, we were unbegrudgingly forced to judge it the traditional way: via consumption. And by gosh this one is up there as another of our northside favourites and we are certainly proud to have these guys repping the north.

Both the American style Pale Ale and the white IPA entice another and then another, the former speaking complexity via the generous amounts of topaz, mosaic and calypso and the latter entertaining our palate with Centennial, Melba and Motueka hops with fresh orange zest and coriander to boot. Self-confessed as shameless and brewed with false oaths, if this is sinful we refuse to repent.

Location: Abbotsford

Website: Bodriggy Brewing Company


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