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Kanela Flamenco Bar & Restaurant: A Truly Captivating Experience

April 6, 2017

Johnston Street has been subject to Spanish influence for generations, and Kanela Flamenco Bar & Restaurant is no stranger to this reputation. For an immersive night out filled with traditional Spanish recipes, smooth and fiery drinks as well as an outstanding Flamenco performance, look for no place other than 56 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

In this crimson, toasty, dimly-lit environment, the Tedesco family business prides itself in delivering the authentic Spanish experience with food, drink, and an outstanding Flamenco performance that will make you forget you’re stuck in Melbourne.

Start off by ordering tapas (cooked by the Tedesco mother) – food that’s made to be shared, with something for everyone. Meats, omelettes, seafood, salsa, potatoes, mushrooms, chilli, onions, salads, olives, croquetas, soup, ciabatta, and much more can be chosen from the menu. Alternatively, or additionally, you can order paella – made for two people, with a choice of meat, seafood or vegetarian rice dishes. There are also mixed platters and deserts to delve into.

“It’s all traditional Spanish food. Old-school recipes, it’s home cooking, really,” says Raquel Tedesco, the manager.

As for drinks, you won’t be disappointed. You can drink with dinner or sit by the bar on a classic bar stool and feast your eyes on shelves decorated in your favourite liquors. Sangria, gins, beers, wines, cocktails, sherrys, as well as specialties including margaritas, sol y sombra, mojito and chispazo, just to name a few.

With one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering dishes and drinks, you probably think your night couldn’t get any better. You’d be very wrong. From 9:30-10pm (depending on what day you go), your eyes will be captivated, your ears targeted; all senses will be taken aback by the outstanding performance of Flamenco performed by Arte Kanela.

The Tedesco brothers run this heart-stopping, eye-bulging performance, involving exceptional music (Richard Tedesco on the guitar and Joe Batrouni on the drums) and dancing (Johnny Tedesco and Chantelle Cano). Sensual and “intense, with a lot of passion.” I’ve never seen anything like it. I went to Kanela bar, without prior research or knowledge about Flamenco, but it is truly a captivating experience. It’s a performance that will make you think, humans are incredible. The sheer artistic, creative and physical ability of Arte Kanela is astounding, even if you’re not a fan of music or dance, and I highly recommend seeing it at least once.

But is Kanela Bar and Restaurant appealing to everyone?

“Our audience is everything, from young to really old. One of our regulars is 96 and he loves Flamenco! He comes here at least once a month because he loves it so much. He came here on a whim and just fell in love with it…Flamenco is one of these things where it either gets you or it doesn’t because it’s so intense.’

With friendly, welcoming staff that makes you feel like part of the Spanish family, Kanela Flamenco Bar and Restaurant is profoundly entertaining and enjoyable, perfect for “celebrating” with friends and family, whether it’s for a gathering, birthday, date, or Mother’s day this year. For the perfect trio of affordable and exceptional dinner, drinks and Arte Kanela, Flamenco entertainment in Fitzroy’s Spanish quarter, be sure to book at Kanela Bar and Restaurant.

You can find Kanela at 56 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC  3065 \\ Tel: 03 9419 0424 

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