North Melbourne’s Sweet Side – The Top Desserts To Bring On Cheat Day

March 6, 2018

Melbournians may talk up a big game when it comes to coffee and brunch, but the inner north has a sweet tooth unlike any other. If you find yourself craving something dessert-y and decadent, pop on in to these North Melbourne wonders

Mörk Chocolate Brew House, inspired by Melbourne’s expansive coffee culture, are makers of specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate in Melbourne. Combining specially-sourced cocoa powder, pure 100% chocolate liquor and coconut blossom sugar, this dessert shop has created authentic dark chocolate experiences for its chocolate-loving patrons. The team loves to experiment and is constantly producing new items, however the following is a list of some of the most delicious concoctions on the brew house’s menu:

Image Source: Mörk Chocolate Brew House Facebook Page

  1. Salted caramel Mörkshakes, served with brown butter crumps
  2. Honey bundt cake, with sesame seeds and caramel chocolate ganache
  3. Sour cream chocolate ganache and cacao crumble tart
  4. Vegan triple chocolate cookie sandwich with chocolate/coconut ganache, chocolate/raspberry jam centre and cacao nib crunch (pictured)
  5. Mörk Original hot chocolate.

Beatrix is a bakery that although may be small, it’s got a big heart. The cake squad sources their produce from farmers’ markets, growers and hands-on producers. They only bake with the most beautiful ingredients, like St. David Dairy butter, pure cream and buttermilk, Lindt chocolate and so on. The focus at Beatrix is on cakes that taste wonderful, without all the added bells and whistles (elaborate, ornamental decorations, etc). With this mindset, they are responsible for some of Melbourne’s tastiest sweeties. Here are some must-try scrumptious goodies:

Image Source: Beatrix Facebook Page

  1. Fig jam bombes with orange sugar (pictured)
  2. Red velvet layer cake with white chocolate cream cheese buttercream
  3. Strawberry and cream finger buns
  4. Rhubarb custard and brown butter crumble tarts
  5. Chocolate brûlée tart with roasted sour cherries

Note: The Inner Circle team cannot be held responsible for your lack of self control upon entering this establishment.

With over 200 years combined experience, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse knows the ins and outs of creating good desserts. There’s quite honestly nothing they don’t do. From lamingtons, to Unicorn cakes, this popular venue offers cake and pastry lovers a delicious range of hearty, award winning items that keep them coming back for more. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, you may have to make multiple visits to try them all. If you’re stuck, pick from these five tasty treats:

Image Source: Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse Facebook Page

  1. Chocolate cream lamingtons
  2. Gaytime inspired cupcakes (pictured)
  3. French vanilla slice
  4. Ferrero Rocher donuts
  5. Apple and walnut scrolls

Mörk Chocolate Brew House – 150 Errol St, North Melbourne

Beatrix – 688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse – 27 Errol Street, North Melbourne


Feature Image Credit: Mörk Chocolate Brew House Facebook Page

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