Reflect On This Green Experience – The Mouthwatering Addiction In Sydney Road, Brunswick

March 22, 2018

Nestled in the heart of Sydney Road, the café is constantly bustling with every kind of character munching on their glorious food.

For students, Green Refectory is a lifesaver. Creating delicious, healthy and cheap eats for literally every health requirement, the alternative café is the top of every must-go-to brunch list.

Upon walking into the café, take a good look at the menus on the far wall, the ever-changing cabinets of salads, pastries and cakes, and go dibs yourself a table out the back.

If there’s one thing you must try at Green, it’s the cheesecakes (and you must try all of them!) For people who are not the biggest fans of cheesecakes, you still must try them as they have this magical ability to change your taste buds into cheesecake-loving ones – I know this for a fact. The crumbling bases are perfectly complimented by the light, creamy and flavoursome cake. The generous servings will fill you up but not hurt your stomach like desserts often do. Most important to know, the cheesecake flavours rotate daily and they are all delicious, though my personal favourite would have to be the Tim Tam variation.

For a healthier option, the freshly prepared juices are mouthwatering. Being able to mix and match your favourite flavours is phenomenal and means you’ll never have to have the same juice twice.

All meals and snacks, from the vegan sausage rolls to the savoury muffins and the rainbow salads are made fresh everyday. The best-kept secret in Melbourne is definitely that any Green muffins not sold on their first day in the cabinet get wrapped up and sold for $2 the next day – and the muffins are a meal in themselves.

With endless options available to all, the team at Green cater for anyone and everyone.

The laid-back vibes of the café make for an enjoyable experience every time you visit. Whether you’re studying, catching up with friends or going on your first date, you’ll find yourself spending hours in the café, filling up without emptying out your pockets.

Green Refectory

115 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Open 6am-8pm Monday to Friday

7am-7pm Saturday to Sunday

*Bring cash as there are no card facilities*


Feature Image Credit: @iaml0ved Instagram Page

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