Say Hello to Terror Twilight in Collingwood, by Wide Open Road

May 15, 2017

Free Coffee, Free Food this Week!

Terror Twilight, from the team behind favourite coffee haunt Wide Open Road, is set to open in Collingwood this week, and is giving away free food and coffee on Monday and Tuesday to celebrate the launch, prior to the official opening on the Thursday 18th.

Terror Twilight will offer customers something more than just great tasting food & coffee, namely dishes that are designed to improve ones well-being.

Wide Open Road head Chef Pia Hambour has jumped in to write a menu centred around healthy Terror Twilight Teamproduce, prepared in a manner that will ensure the natural flavours and health benefits are maintained.

Aside from an offering of complete breakfast and lunch dishes, TT will offer customers a series of ‘Bowl’ choices, including some broth-based options, high in flavour and nutritional value.

In addition to a full coffee menu curated by Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters, customers will be able to ‘upgrade’ their beverages with nootropic supplements and some natural health-boosters such as Chaga Mushrooms & Cordyceps.

And the team are certainly excited about the venture in Collingwood. “We’ve loved getting to know Collingwood and it’s locals. There’s a thriving scene of creatives and great hospitality here and it’s exciting to be able to offer something of our own to community,” says Hootan Heydari, who is part of the launch crew.

Terror Twilight can be found at 11–13 Johnston Street in Collingwood.

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