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Souvlaki or Kebab? Our Guide to the Best in The North in 2017

January 27, 2017
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The Greek Souvlaki and the Turkish Kebab, while different in subtle ways, both draw us in with an irresistible combination of meat, bread, salad and sauce that will seduce even the most health conscious of us into a juicy lamb tide of debauchery.

Whether you’re a sucker for the souvlaki, keen for the kebab or just love them both, there is no doubt that the inner north is home to some of the best of these delectable pockets of pure goodness that Melbourne has to offer, with Fitzroy and Collingwood easily leading the way within our region.

Welcome to the best souvlaki and the best kebabs in the north…

Solace King Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Zomato

Souvlaki King

This late night haunt is a Brunswick St. institution, feeding the drunken and the sober every night of the week. But don’t mistake this for your everyday grease pot only worthy of the most worse-for-ware punter. The King continues to deliver despite tough competition on all sides, and their killer classic lamb and tasty dolmades delight in every way. There’s also the famous wall of posters to keep you entertained while you wait or eat!

Location: 315 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Website: No website, so get yourself there in person!

Jimmy Grant Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Instagram

Jimmy Grants

George Calombaris’s Jimmy Grants is now so synonymous with the Souvlaki scene that you probably know of it even if you hate greek food! The original Jimmy’s, just a stones throw from Smith St., and now one of six, is still the best. We love the casual vibe, exposed brick walls and of course their signature Souvlaki, the Mr Papadopoulos, a heavenly delight combining slow-roasted lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onions and parsley.

Location: 113 St. David Street, Fitzroy

Website: Jimmy Grants

Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Zomato

The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar

When it comes to authentic Greek food, The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar has got it all and is rightly popular with both the local Greek community as well as the hipster community! Not only do they offer the kind of genuine souvlaki that isn’t often found outside of Greece, there’s also an incredible selection of sides and other goodies that your standard souvlaki joint fails to provide. We love the saganaki and the stuffed capsicum. Actually, scrap that, we love it all!

Location: 315 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Website: No website, so get yourself there in person!

Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Instagram

Biggie Smalls

This place offers the most intriguing and seductive selection of kebabs in Melbourne, and it’s winning all the way. Here you’ll find every variant of meat-in-bread you could ever care to wrap your lips around. Perhaps you would like to try the ‘Dirty South’, a feast of fried chicken, lettuce, pickled onion, garlic and lemon aioli. Or instead you could go for the ‘East Coast’, featuring pork, slaw, crackling and spiced peanut mayo. Or why not try the beef, or the shrimp or the lamb… you get the point.

There’s also a killer vegetarian option in the fantastic C. Wallace, featuring flaxseed falafel, cucumber, smoked hummus, herbs and garlic yoghurt. Wow.

Location: 86 Smith Street, Collingwood

Website: Biggie Smalls

Inner Circle Magazine

Credit: Zomato

Smith Kebabs

Smith Kebabs shot to fame when it was featured in the SBS documentary Kebab Kings, in which the stresses, strains, triumphs and delights of running a late night kebab shop were exposed. But this family-run business isn’t on our list because of television fame. Smith Kebabs has a loyal fan-base who flock here night after night for the delicious doner kebabs and falafel kebabs. We also reserve a special mention for their in-house cooked pizza, which despite being far from gourmet and clearly not of the kebab kind, makes for a great late night feed!

Location: 74 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Website: Smith Kebabs

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