Stop Searching – We Found Melbourne’s Best Smashed Avo!

April 11, 2018

While Melbourne’s love affair with smashed avocado continues to sweep and consume all across the city, finding the best of this home-owning killer is getting more and more difficult.

However, I think I have found it.

Situated behind the infamous Lygon Street strip is a little café called Vincent The Dog.

If it was not for the tables out the front, the building would easily be assumed for something else. However, upon entering the light industrial interior of the cafe, the small shrill of the coffee machine fills the room and the diverse groups sitting at the large communal table become apart of the scene.

Sitting either inside with some warm company or out the back in the courtyard for a more private time, the atmosphere of Vincent is simply delightful.

The chocker-block full menu has a large variety of dishes to tantalise everyone’s the tastebuds – but you simply cannot look past the smashed avocado.

Layered upon a think slice of toasted multi-seed sourdough – though not too thick that you are unable to cut through – sits a large dollop of avocado. Cherry tomatoes and feta cheese fill the plate and there is additional options of a beautifully poached dukkah egg which oozes yolk from the touch of your blade, sprinkled with seaweed flakes to add a salty taste. What is most amazing in the depressing eating economic climate we live in is this dish can be yours for $14, add-ons included.

If you are able to look past the smashed avocado, the variety of bagels are sure to have you salivating as well as the quirky dishes on offer. The ‘pulled pork shoulder open coconut waffle sandwich’ (pictured below) is a particular dish which had me scratching my head as to how the chefs invented this dish. And yet they did, and thank God for it.

Image Source: @vincentthedogcafe on Instagram

With a range of sweet and savoury dishes on the menu that promise not to break the bank, there really is a hearty meal on offer for all.

As for a drink, of course there is fantastic Code Black roasted coffee on offer and the menu and high-quality baristas helpfully guide all the non-coffee snobs on how to order the perfect compliment to their food.

But if you are after something a little different, the orange, lychee and lime juice is sweet, different and to-die-for. Served in a large glass, the freshly made juice expels all the strong flavours of your meal for a refreshing and energising beverage.

From the look and feel of the café, to the diverse and delicious food available, Vincent the Dog combines everything the Melbourne brunch scene is about, while keeping the dream of one day owning your own home alive.

Vincent the Dog Café.

348 Drummond St, Carlton.

Open 7am – 4pm everyday.


Feature Image Credit: @vincentthedogcafe on Instagram (Avo, smoked salmon and dukkah eggs) 

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