‘The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’ Doughnut Time are keeping locals sweet!

July 7, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

The world of food offers billions of tempting products that are hard to resist. The reason why my wallet is often empty is thanks to falling victim to such wonderful, sometimes regretful purchases to relieve those overpowering cravings of meals and treats. Today was just another of those common days, but regrets? We’ll see how I look in the mirror next week but until then, none.

Yesterday, I went through my friend’s Snapchat story and discovered a product of pure beauty in one of her photos. I couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous thing existed, here in Melbourne.

‘What is that?’ I texted her, with pure wonder twinkling in my eyes, unable to waver my gaze from such a beautiful creation.

‘It’s a giant donut from Doughnut Time,’ she replied.

‘It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’

Which comes to this present moment, in which I impulse purchased the Oreana Grande from Doughnut Time on Brunswick Street. This bad boy is a mega donut that ‘shares 4 people’ (or one very greedy, soon-to-be-feeling-sick-from-so-much-sugar girl.) It’s covered in a chocolate and cream glaze, topped with Cadbury Oreo chocolates; do I even really need to continue? I was foaming from the mouth by this point, but if you read on, you feel like heaven has flown down to this little donut shop; it’s covered in Oreo cookie crumbs, rainbow sprinkles and filled with cookie marshmallow fluff!

Day 2: I think I may have overestimated myself to think I could eat all of this, because truthfully I really want to, but I have had to end up sharing this with my family and friends, and yet there’s still leftovers, so for $22, it’s definitely worth it. Appropriate for a work function, a large picnic, or a doughnut-lover’s birthday cake (I hope my friends are reading this). I’ve been a huge fan of Doughnut Time’s goods since they first popped up in Melbourne and the quality is still up to delicious standards. The inside fluff is smooth and creamy to balance out the thick, perfectly fried dough, complimented by the smooth, sugary crunch of the icing. It’s not rich, but a small slither from this heavenly cake is all you need to satisfy your sweet cravings. Probably not a one-man job as I originally anticipated. Still, the more the better!

Doughnut Time can be found at 377 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Sun-Wed: 10.30am – 11pm
Thu: 10.30am – Midnight
Fri-Sat: 10.30am – 1.30am

*unless sold out prior!

Feature Image: Doughnut Time Instagram

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