Parkview Hotel: Both Glorious and Confusing

February 18, 2017
Parkview Hotel Fitzroy North

I have often wondered how far I would go for a cheap beer, but since the Parkview is just down the road from every place that I have lived in Melbourne I have never had to venture too far.

The Parkview is both glorious and confusing. Mention to any friend or foe that you are interested in grabbing a pint, and upon the question of “where?”, if you respond with “the Parkview”, you will get one of two responses, and this response should be crucial in how you view your relationship.

The first response, and the one where you need to question your acquaintances life choices goes something along the lines of “the Parkview!? The place that is open late and full of pokies!? Why would we go there!?”

This is the view of the uneducated. Merely mention the fact that there are $5 pints of Brunswick Bitter (and sometimes $6 pints of other craft beer), and you will see how quickly their face will change.

The other, and in my view correct, response to the suggestion of going to the Parkview is something like “brilliant idea, I can drink twice as many pints!”.

Sure there are “nicer” pubs, pubs with a more of an ambiance, pubs without pokies, but none of those pubs have $5 pints.

Due to these cheap pints, constant sport on TV, and the sunny courtyard, I have found myself at the Parkview more of late. My desire to watch obscure matches of Test Cricket whilst spending a minimal amount of money is constantly fulfilled at the Parkview.

The other great thing about the Parkview is that it falls slightly outside of the ‘norm’ of the inner north. Here you can sit in among a great cross section of society. There are people there to play the pokies, young people making the most of the cheap beer, old Fitzroy locals and anyone and everyone in between. Plus, fuelled by the $5 pints you can get to the bottom of some of life’s great quandaries.

Whilst I wouldn’t say that the Parkview is my favourite pub, I would say it is a pub that I thoroughly enjoy going too, and no amount of Coldplay that they constantly play will stop me from going there.

You will find the Parkview Hotel on the cnr St Georges Rd & Scotchmer St, North Fitzroy. Head to their Facebook page or website to find out about the latest specials.

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