Summer Healing Yoga: Salt Lamps, Soft Natural Lighting and Warm Earth Colours Create a Peaceful Atmosphere in this Wonderful Yoga Studio

April 26, 2017

Summer Healing Yoga, Brunswick, is one of three beautiful studio’s of the same brand in Melbourne. The studio itself has a warm glow created from salt lamps and soft natural lighting. Warm earth colours create a peaceful atmosphere and its inviting and cosy.  A hand painted mural of a sunrise over a mountain spans the length of the far wall, which creates a focal point and immersive journey during yoga practice.

The studio is maintained with love and care, its natural wooden flooring and timber fixtures create a grounded and relaxed ambience. Crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls line the room for teachers to create sound vibrations and polyphonic resonance following yoga practice.

The studio is proud to offer an eclectic mix of teachers and classes, who vary widely in terms of style, pace, focus and personality; a rarity to find at just one studio. Students can choose whatever they need from a class, whether its to feel invigorated, to experience a restorative practice, to burn energy, to meditate or to unwind the body and release tension.

I visited the studio to meet with Grant, co-owner and one of the studio’s teachers, and I caught up with a few of his students after his regular Saturday morning class. It was really clear that the classes are aimed at all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. One member was a qualified yoga instructor who was developing her advanced arm balances and another member was new to yoga and found it complimented his martial arts training due to having increased flexibility and released tension.

Summer Healing Brunswick has some admirable and exciting plans to increase the health and wellbeing of their local community, with a holistic health clinic scheduled to open its doors towards the end of April 2017. A wide range of practitioners and therapies options will be available, including and not limited to, physiotherapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, acupuncture, homeopathy and Bowen therapy. Practitioners will be available to promote therapeutic healing, to identify imbalances and assist individuals to move away from medical labels and take charge of their health and wellbeing goals. Consultations and ongoing assessments will be available to provide natural health alternatives for dietary, emotional and physical issues.

The studio hosts Kirtan events which are well known for invoking a meditative and healing state with higher consciousness, by chanting mantras and singing with devotion. On the last Friday of every month, a Medicine Dance also takes place at the studio for freestyle and expressive dance, allowing everyone complete freedom of movement and flow with tribal, dub and house beats hosted by their DJ, Mickey Space, and a slightly different Dancing Freedom event runs on the other 3 friday evenings.

They invite you to into their home, their space, their community. Head to Summer Healing Yoga to find out more about their studio (link: and their range of introductory offers (

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