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The Best Alternative Things To Do in the North

February 9, 2017
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Everybody loves getting out and about for some mid-week shenanigans, but visiting your local pub can get a little repetitive. Thankfully, the North is home to a wealth of interesting and fun activities to help relieve your Wednesday night boredom. From video game bars to Seinfeld themed quizzes, here’s a look at some of our favourite alternative weeknight happenings.

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Video Games At Pixel Alley

There are a handful of video game themed bars across Melbourne but our favourite is Fitzroy’s Pixel Ally. While it looks a little seedy, that’s all part of Pixel Alley’s appeal, with a tremendous selection of retro video games on offer. NBA Jam, Time Crisis 2, Mortal Kombat and Daytona are just some of the classic arcade games nestled in-between pinball machines and multi-game cabinets sure to bring your the inner child. Also known for their alcoholic milkshakes (we recommend the 1-Up), cocktails and bubble cups, Pixel Alley also supplies a healthy selection of local beers and wines to enjoy while dominating your opponent on Buck Hunter.

Location: 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Website: Pixel Alley

Weekly Seinfeld Quiz At George’s Bar

There’s no disputing Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom in the history of television, so when George’s Bar, a Seinfeld/George Costanza themed bar opened, it fast become a must visit attraction. A huge mural of Costanza adjourns the outside wall while the inside is full of Seinfeld references, including a Snickers only vending machine and a large amount of Seinfeld memorabilia. They even have a selection of delicious toasted sandwiches named after some of the series best episodes. If that isn’t enough, every Wednesday George’s Bar holds a Seinfeld quiz running from 7pm – 8:30pm that runs “Through nine seasons and 180 episodes” sure to “test your knowledge and make you thirsty for more.” Be sure to book a table as this one fills up quick and make sure you come prepared, as nobody wants to be labelled, “Costanza, Lord of the idiots.”

Location: 120 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

Website: George’s Bar

Inner Circle Magazine

Board Games At The Rooks Return

This cosy establishment has a homely feel about it made all that more appealing by the courteous and friendly bar staff. The beer garden is the perfect place to chill on a warm Sunday arvo while Wednesday nights sees a jazz band mesmerise all inside. Along with a delightful selection of beer, wine, spirits and regular DJs setting the mood, The Rooks Return makes the list for the huge amount of board games piled high on the shelves. Scrabble, Connect 4 and all time favourite UNO are just some of the board games you can play while knocking back a couple of froths and reliving your childhood memories of beating your siblings with a triple word score.

Location: 201 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Website: The Rooks Return

Inner Circle Magazine

Virtual Reality Arcade At That VR Joint

Virtual reality appears to be the future of gaming, with the Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR both being released last year, so it’s no surprise a VR arcade has opened in the heart of Collingwood. That VR Joint allows users the opportunity to enjoy VR movies, games or entertainment at a fraction of the cost of buying your own system. For just $15 you can experience a half hour VR film, or for $20 drive a race car in the Oculus Rift simulator chair, but if you really want to dive head first into the VR world we recommend grabbing a buddy for one of the many VR games on offer. You can face an over of spin from legend Shane Warne, discover King Tutankhamen’s tomb, become a sword master or face horrific creatures in the shooter The Brookhaven Experiment. Whatever you desire That VR Joint has something for everyone and is an exciting way to spend your evening.

Location: 450 Smith Street, Collingwood

Website: That VR Joint

inner circle magazine

Escape Rooms At The Mystery Rooms Melbourne

Over the past few years escape rooms have become a unique and enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends, with The Mystery Rooms Melbourne in Fitzroy one of the best out there. Between 4-8 players spend 60 minutes playing detective and tyring to solve the mystery of their chosen room before the time ends. Seasoned vets can chose to follow in the footsteps of Ned Kelly in the Outlaw Zone or attempt to find the Holy Grail in the Medieval Zone, while newcomers and families can try the Tomb Raider Zone and see if they can uncover the lost tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

Location: 303 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Website: The Mystery Rooms Melbourne

Feature Image Credit: Facebook

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