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Welcome to the Melbourne Dance Music Academy!

June 17, 2017
Melbourne Dance Music Academy

I don’t lead events, but I love attending them and, perhaps just as much, talking about how much better I would do it up if I were in charge.

“The music is boring”, I might whisper to my friends about 5 minutes in. Or you know, “the décor is shotty” (and not in a fun way); “the crowd is annoyingly basic and the drinks are overpriced.”

Yeah, I’m an asshole. I like to complain, what can I say. Not always verbally (in fact, rarely verbally), but in my head it’s all there. It’s annoying trait, I admit. But it also means that I spend my time consciously. I am a discerning consumer.

And although I somewhat embrace this fact, I also know that it’s easy for me to cast judgment when I’m not putting the event on myself. Dreaming about a grand function and actually putting one together without fault are two completely different things. Throwing a good party is hard fucking work, even at the best of times.

Which is why I’ve got to hand it to Melbourne Dance Music Academy, because they do it often, they do it well, and they are changing the face of Melbourne’s underground party scene.

Those involved in the scene, especially in Melbourne, seek novelty. They love any excuse to get loose, but the excitement grows if there’s something else on the table – something that groups of young thrill-seekers have never seen or done before, or that transcends them into an imagined world or invokes nostalgia.

They crave experience, which is just what Melbourne Dance provides. The local collective hosts theme parties described as the kind they would want to attend themselves, each with a distinctive focus.

Take, for instance, the Pawn Party held at a bar-slash-secondhand store in Prahran at the end of May, where everything in the place was for sale or swap down to the bowtie straight off of the bartender’s neck.

Another sweet concept was the “Pizza Party” unlike any you attended in primary school. Because instead of gorging on slices of pepperoni with your best friends, you get to… well, still do that. But all while dancing to mad DJ’s on the rooftop and downing all the free pizza you can stomach.

That’s right, because Melbourne Dance events are always free entry, are sometimes BYO, or if not, have affordably priced drinks on offer.

They aim to not only provide a fun space but a safe and accessible one. Although Melbourne’s buildings aren’t the most accommodating to the differently abled, Melbourne Dance makes a point of altering their venues as much as possible to support a range of guests.

They also identify as a “strictly creep free” zone, meant primarily to protect womyn from the harassment of creepy party dudes, but also to have the back of anyone feeling uncomfortable by another person’s presence. This is a blessing in a world where harassment is commonplace before you even factor in dim lights and free-flowing alcohol.

Even though Melbourne Dance gets around, throwing down from south side all the way through to the far north, their home base of sorts is in Brunswick, where secret warehouse parties take place on the regular.

The exact location is always released on the day of but numbers are still high – sometimes seeing turnouts of several hundred people- even more incredible when you consider the crew has been doing what they do for less than half a year.

Yeah, that’s how good Melbourne Dance’s festivities are.

If you, too, are tired of average parties with average music and want to explore something fresh, if you value experience, if you’re looking for something special and if you’re into doing “weird shit with strange people” (the Melbourne Dance Music Academy motto), you know where to look.

Keep up with them on Facebook for updates on the next kick back.

Feature Image Credit: Melbourne Dance Music Academy Facebook

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