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At Least We Have The Old Bar, A Fitzroy Favourite

February 2, 2017

There aren’t too many things in life that you can rely on. Your best friends will flake out on you, your favourite team will lose and you will probably grow to hate your job.

But at least we have the Old Bar.

The Old Bar is without doubt one of the most reliable venues in Melbourne, or possibly even the world. Whether it is looking for a drink late at night, wanting to check out a new band, or catching one of your favourite live acts, the Old Bar is always there for you.

And it was with this in mind, with a touch of Mondayitis starting to fester its unwanted presence in my brain that I found myself at the Old Bar on Sunday night. I had planned on heading own to check out the last night of the Bench Press residency, and quickly realised it was everywhere that I needed to be.

I am always excited to see a gig at the Old Bar. The band room has the feel of a living room and you get an intimate view of the band. Plus the sound is always good and the close proximity to the bar means that you don’t go thirsty.

The final night of the Bench Press residency saw Tankerville and The Shifters kick off the evening before Bench Press took the stage. All three bands were full of noise and energy, and it was exactly the tonic that I needed for this particular Sunday evening. It turned my feeling of an impending Monday morning into a feeling of ‘is it Friday?’

The greatest thing about the Old Bar is the unpretentious air that the place has. It has a mixture of craft and non-craft beers, wine, and many other beverages. Alongside this there are a couple of TVs that play major sporting events. On this occasion it was the Australian Open final, and between bands the front room was crowded with people checking the score as Nadal and Federer battled it out over 5 sets.

Besides all of this, the Old Bar is a welcoming place for all. Anyone and everyone is welcome, and this is why it is and will continue to be a Fitzroy institution. It supports the people that make the inner north so great, and through this it helps to keep the local culture so vibrant and eclectic.

So whether it is dropping in for a pint, catching one of the many bands playing a residency, or seeing you favourite local, interstate or international act, the Old Bar is the place to be.

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