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Camp Cope Join Resist The Stolenwealth Games

March 8, 2018

Raising funds to protest the upcoming Commonwealth Games, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (W.A.R) have teamed up with musicians and artists from around Melbourne to form Resist the Stolenwealth Games.

“The 2018 Stolenwealth Games will be re-invading our shores on the 4th– 15th of April 2018 for the fourth time on the Gold Coast, QLD,” a statement from W.A.R organisers reads.

“Each time ‘Australia’ has hosted the games, thousands of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders as well as other groups who have been oppressed by The Crown have united to resist colonial activity and authority. We acknowledge this event is taking place on the stolen, un-ceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty over this land has never been ceded.”

Headlining the March 9th event is none other than one of the biggest new bands to grace the Australian music scene, Camp Cope.

The trio of activists have had one hell of a start to their music career. Their upcoming debut album How to Socialise & Make Friends, is this week’s Triple J feature album and includes hits like the album’s namesake, Lost, Done and Keep Growing.

Their gut-wrenching lyrics touch on all pretty much every current political opinion and the girls do not shy away from getting their voices heard.

“We feel so privileged to have been invited to play this event – WAR do such important work and we admire everything they’ve achieved so far,” drummer Sarah Thompson says. “We’re so happy to be able to contribute, even in a small way.

“The show on Friday features such a great, diverse line up of people who play music we all love, so it’s an added bonus for us. We’re hoping to see a full house, to raise as much money as possible so W.A.R can continue working on all of the amazing things they do.”

Co-organiser of the event, Brendan Busch and the team at W.A.R have had their hands full collaborating with some of the biggest, freshest and like-minded artists to create the event.

“This event means bringing people and resources together to support protests that, historically, have been hugely transformational both in nurturing forms of community and collaboration guided by justice, while also challenging British colonial powers that continue to enact and facilitate forms of systemic violence, dispossession and oppression globally,” Brendan says.

“We want to provide a ridiculously fun night for people with access to different advocacy groups and movements they may not have had exposure to. We’ll have information and merchandise available which supports other Aboriginal-led movements. There’s a power all of us have to the ongoing colonisation of this land and across the First Nations’ of ‘Australia’. This event is to support one effective and important historic protest while making it as fun, transformational and sustainable as realistically possible for everyone.”

Resist the Stolenwealth Games also sees Spike Fuck, Wahe and DJ Dee Luscious take to the Rubix Warehouse stage.

There will be speakers from the Brisbane Stolenwealth Games protest to inform, educate and raise awareness of the event and the reasons why we should all get behind it.

Kicking off from 6pm and running all night long, the event promises to be an exciting, educational and a heap of fun for all attendees.

Tickets available here – free entry to First Nation attendees.

Resist the Stolenwealth Games

RUBIX Warehouse, Brunswick

March 9th


Feature Image Credit: Artwork for the event designed by Wiradjuri artist, Charlotte Allingham.

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