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Celebrate by Merit, Not by Gender: It’s A Thousand Tonnes Better

March 13, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

It’s Really Good, For a Girl

There’s almost nothing female musicians hate more than being asked how it feels to be a woman in the industry. Like fuck, can’t we just do what we’re gonna do without an added level of awe or disdain based around our gender?

But no matter how you slice it, female-identifying musicians just aren’t seen on an even playing field. My personal and perhaps controversial belief is that femme artists should celebrate their womanhood, but not in a way that feels contrived, and definitely not in a way that sets expectations of limitations based upon one’s body and/or identity.

I’m sick of hearing comments about performers who are “really good for a girl”, or whose gender is their defining characteristic. But I do fully support badass artists who just so happen to be female and owning it- like those featured at the recent A Thousand Tones compilation launch in Northcote.

The event, which was held at Eastmint, highlighted non-binary, female or female-identifying artists based in Melbourne and other major cities around the globe. While the compilation boasts 40 tracks, all by different musicians, the Eastmint launch “only” featured eight acts. But that’s not to say the lineup was lacking in the slightest.Inner Circle Magazine

In fact, the launch, which was ten dollars at the door, could give some better publicised and much more expensive day festivals a run for their money.

In addition to Cold Hands Warm Heart, appearances were made by Quadrifid, Emah Fox, Crush Crush, Sha She, OK Sure, Toyah Hoetzel and The Person. These bands, which were all quite different, did have a commonality of underground roots and a pushback against music culture dominated by money and men.

The setup at Eastmint included two stages, of which guests darted between to catch each act in its entirety. The indoor stage leaned a bit more towards the mellow side- a dimly lit oasis for crooners to drop dreamy serenades.

But then the second you stepped outside into the alley way cum DJ tent/dance hall, you were instantly transported into the party zone. One where Northcotians donning obnoxiously loud printed joggers and reflective shades did the robot with neighbourhood children and YUCCIES shyly sipping beers and the random passerby who heard the commotion and popped in to see what it was all about.

A Thousand Tonnes was created and curated by Natasha Home (Sunmoonstar) of Elestial Sound – a creative cooperative based in Florida. Her penchant for the experimental electronic is present in the compilation, yet its diversity can also be heard.

The intention of the compilation was to provide perspective, composition and intersectionality through sound. Through her juxtaposition of so many unique artists, Natasha encourages listeners to rethink the music industry as we know it and embrace a more inclusive approach to females in music.

A Thousand Tones can be streamed on Bandcamp, bought digitally for $7 or physically (including digital download and two pastel cassettes) for $10. Additionally, A Thousand Tones enamel pins and artist-designed zines are available on the site for you to rep at the envy of all your friends. But hurry- because stock is limited and going fast.

For more sweet gigs and laneway parties to come, keep up with Eastmint on Facebook.

Images Credit: Eastmint Facebook

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