DISPOSSESSED: “Saturday night at The Tote will be deadly”

January 6, 2017
DISPOSSESSED The Tote Metal Band Collingwood

DISPOSSESSED have proudly announced that “Saturday night at The Tote will be deadly”. Take note of the double entendre, as this will not be a night for the faint hearted or non-politically charged.

The Sydney band represent a heavyweight sledgehammer to the head of white Australia and a proud an unapologetic f**k you to any who dare to resist , and they just can’t be ignored.

Saturday night’s fundraiser for Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), a collective of young aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonisation and the philosophy of aboriginal nationalism, is set to be a devastating affair, with the band promising to open the show with the burning of the Australian flag, a flag they see as representative of ‘a genocidal regime’.

This is brutal stuff. And although for some, such actions may seem counter-productive to the cause, it is real grief and an unending sense of intolerable injustice that is the driving force here. It is undoubted that this sentiment stems from the belief that Australia’s politicians continue to ignore the indigenous population, and as far as DISPOSSESSED are concerned, we have gone past a time where recognition qualifies as atonement. This is a sign that things must change in Australia, and this is just the beginning.

For those of you lucky enough to have secured tickets for the sold out show, be prepared for carnage as you stand as one with a band that has ignited excitement amongst the hardcore, punk and metal scenes worldwide.

DISPOSSESSED will be supported on the night by Divide & Dissolve, Habits, friendships, Vacuum, Geld & Sezzo Snot. Doors open at 6pm.

See you at The Tote!

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