Gig Review: The Pretty Littles

March 13, 2017
Inner Circle Magazine

The Pretty Littles gig at The Howler in Brunswick on the 4th of March further convinced me of one fact; they are the best live band in Melbourne at the moment. There set perfectly encapsulated what a Rock and/or Roll show should be; intense, raucous, face melting, very loud and very exciting.

The Pretty Littles have been together since 2008, however they have only recently – in the last couple of years or so – begun to gain traction in Melbourne and to a lesser extent Australia. There set on Saturday night at The Howler consisted mainly of songs from there most recent release Soft Rock for the Anxiousreleased mid 2016, and judging off the crowds enthusiasm it was easy to see why that album has been there most popular to date. It is a well-written, heart filled album that at times gets political and I highly recommend giving it a listen as soon as you are finished reading this review.

Where The Pretty Littles really set themselves apart from other Melbourne bands though is there live shows. As previously mentioned they are hands down the best live band I have seen in Melbourne, which was plain to see on Saturday night. They absolutely thrashed out their tunes, stirring up the crowd, while drinking, laughing and enjoying themselves as though they were practicing in their lounge rooms not playing to a couple of hundred people. As highlighted by Jonny Nail from Rolling Stone, The Pretty Littles have a garage rock sound that is specifically skewed towards sweaty mosh-pitswhich is so true. I don’t think I have walked out of a Prettys gig without being covered in someone else’s sweat. However the on stage banter they have with each other and the crowd also adds to there character because you soon realise that they are just four normal lads enjoying themselves as much as everyone watching them.

As for the venue on Saturday night, the band room at The Howler in Brunswick is one of my favourite in the Inner-North of Melbourne. It is that perfect size for a band room; small enough to create that intimate atmosphere that live music is all about, yet big enough to pack a few hundred people in to get sweaty and jump around like lunatics to one of their favourite bands. Similar to The Howler band room, The Pretty Littles also seem to be the perfect size, or at the perfect level at the moment. In my opinion they should be one of the biggest bands in Australia but theyre not. They are big enough to draw a sizeable rowdy crowd, yet small enough to have beers with fans after the show. Which is why they’re gig at The Howler on Saturday night was a match made in heaven. The perfect sized band room meets the perfect level for a band to be at if you are one of their fans. If The Pretty Littles keep doing what they are doing there is little doubt in my mind that they will soon be one of Australias favourite live acts.

You can keep up with The Pretty Littles on their Facebook page.

Feature Image Feature: Sean Dwyer

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