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Interview With Grizzlee Train On Their Calling Out Tour

May 1, 2018

For the past five years Grizzlee Train has paved their path by infusing authentic Australian sounds with old-school rock and an upbeat blues-y edge. The duo of Josh Dufficy, 23, and Brandon Dodd, 22, has become a force to be reckoned with across Australian and international stages. The energetic, passionate, and downright skilled guys will be hitting up The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick this Friday (4th of May)  as part of their national Calling Out Tour and it’s set to be a gig not to miss.

Josh and Brandon released their debut EP Come Back Around in 2015 and followed it with consecutive yearly EP releases Burned Him Again and All About You. In between their EP production, Josh and Brandon joined forces with Kasey Chambers and played on countless stages as her backing band.

“We were playing a gig at our local pub on the Central Coast to literally about four people, and Kasey just happened to be one of them,” Brandon says.

“For some reason she really liked what we were doing and began chatting to us after the gig. One thing led to another and within a couple of weeks she had asked us to come on tour with her.”

The boys are incredibly gifted in numerous musical facets and started their individual music journeys at young ages. Josh found his love for the drums as a five year old and has not looked back since.

“For some reason my parents thought it would be a good idea to buy a hyper-active five year old a drum kit for Christmas, so that was my first introduction to music,” Josh says. “I fell in love with playing from there, and that love only grew when I started listening to rock and roll music.”

For Brandon, his talent as a singer and guitarist developed a little later.

“I first started loving music when my parents introduced me to the Rolling Stones around the age of 11 or 12,” he says. “I started playing guitar soon after and haven’t looked back. I knew music was my career about three and half minutes after picking up a guitar.”

“And I knew about four and half minutes after picking up a drum stick,” Josh adds.

As two young boys, Josh and Brandon met at their local soccer club.

“Eventually our passion for music overtook our passion for soccer and our weekends became more about jamming than kicking a ball around,” Josh says.

Since breaking on to the music scene, Josh and Brandon have been fortunate and talented enough to work with and take to festival stages alongside some of the industry’s greatest artists including James Taylor, Wolfmother, Colin Hay and John Williamson. Their ongoing collaboration with Kasey Chambers has seen the pair perform all over the world.

“Working so closely with one of the best Aussie performers and songwriters of all time is something really special,” Josh says. “It has helped us on so many levels, particularly with maturity in our own song writing and performing.

“It has motivated us to try and take our own music to the same level as KC’s one day and the support she’s given us in trying to achieve that is incredible.”

Throughout the boys’ set there are many knee-slapping, foot-thumping, hands-throwing and body-swaying songs to get you up and out of your chair. But their personal favourite has to be ‘Running Home’. The song was written at a time when the duo were faced with existential challenges which ultimately resulted in them taking the plunge to become full-time musicians.

“’Running Home’ is from our second EP and was written about our decision to leave university to play music.

“I think the reason we have always loved playing this one is because it’s heavy and fun to play, but also really personal and real. We wish all of our songs could come out like that!”

The boys are planning on releasing their debut album in 2019, but until then they plan on continuing touring around the country and the world.

Grizzlee Train 

The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick 

Friday 4th May 

8pm – 11pm 

Event Link


Feature Image Credit: Grizzlee Train Facebook Page 


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