Interview With Punk Gem, Tony Dork

April 10, 2018

Local Melbourne punk band Tony Dork are a powerhouse to withhold. A hard-hitting pub rock band, they evoke energetic Aussie punk with comedic lyrics about everything under the sun – from songs about tennis legend, Andre Agassi to a guy at their local pizza shop with a foot fetish.

Their latest song and video release Quarter Life Crisis has turned heads not only for it’s highly relatable lyrics but also for the strong spirit of the musicianship, with surf-rock undertones creating a nice edge to the group’s raucous Aussie pub punk style. Since their formation just over a year ago, they have gained a keen local following – with their recent single launch at Woody’s Bar bringing in record numbers for the venue and resulting in a broken roof.

Tony Dork’s live shows are not to be missed, providing the energy and enthusiasm of yesteryear. Warning: you’ll probably end up covered in beer and will see a topless, pasty man singing about KFC.

How did you guys get started?

Pretty much just hanging around our house bored and thinking why not. We just started jamming and writing songs we thought we’d enjoy if we heard someone else play them. Never thought we would ever play an actual show because we didn’t really know anybody who played live. We knew like one other group of mates who were in a band playing shows and they hooked us up with our first gig and yeah it went from there.

Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

There are a few bands from up the coast that we all love. Bands like Pist Idiots, Mini Skirt, Sex Drive all put on great shows to watch. Saw Sex Drive at the Tote late last year and it was wild. People throwing milk crates at each other haha. Been listening to heaps of others lately too like RVG, Private Function, Candy, Miss Destiny, Cloacas, TFS. all ripper.

What advice would you give someone going through a quarter life crisis?

I don’t know just go enjoy a beer and think you could be tons older like a grandma’s age or something and that would suck.

Where is your favourite place to play?

Woody’s Bar and The Old Bar. They have nice staff that actually enjoy having you and watch you play. Always good punters that are keen to have a chat and a beer with you after the show too which is awesome.

Has growing up in Melbourne influenced your music and what you listen to?

For sure. Especially growing up in south east Melbourne I think. It’s pretty nice and gross at the same time. Sort of like us maybe. And obviously the people you grow up around. I guess we grew up around a lot of funny people that could take the piss a bit and that’s what we enjoy doing in our songs and shows.

Who’s the coolest guy in the band?

Our fifth member, Jack Golding.

What plans are next?

Make videos and release some more music! Sitting on some for an EP and got some new ones brewing. Play shows with friends! Get taken around the world by Sting or Bon Jovi even. Who knows. One day at a time.

You can catch Tony Dork at Fixation Fest on 19th May. Click here for details!

Feature Image Credit: @oliver_dauncey 

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