Jimmy Harwood: Age Defying Talent

February 15, 2017
jimmy harwood brunswick northcote

What better way to spend Sunday arvo’ than enjoying a $15 jug, burger and chips at Burger Buzz (333 Sydney Road, Brunswick) and listening to emerging artist, 17 year old Jimmy Harwood and his band perform songs from his latest EP Choose Your Colour.

Despite being in his final year of high school, don’t let his age deceive you; Harwood’s natural musical talent has recently gained him a booming popularity, with original songs such as Cooko and Station Street (featured on his EP) collectively accumulating almost 10,000 listens in just a few months. He is a well known, experienced busker throughout Melbourne, and if that’s unconvincing, guess how artists such as Ed Sheeran and Tash Sultana started their career? As well as this, Harwood has played a number of gigs around Melbourne, including in Brunswick, Brunswick East and North Melbourne.

I have listened to Harwood play on a number of occasions, including his latest EP launch as well as the CD itself. I can’t think of anyway to describe his undeniable musical ability without blinking a lot, shaking my head and scoffing, ‘Truly talented.’ A one-of-a-kind, experimental, fresh Australian voice that would please anyone who likes a “bloody bit of everything,” ranging from Blues to Pop and R&B.

“Lots of my music is just about good times with mates and getting a bit sideways,” Harwood says. “I’ve always wanted to plug in a Stratocaster and blast it in an arena, even if there wasn’t any bastard watching.”

Jimmy Harwood has planned upcoming gigs at Open Studio in Northcote on April 22nd. For more details and future updates, check out his Facebook page

Listen to his music on Soundcloud.

You can also purchase his latest EP Choose Your Colour on Bandcamp.

Feature Image: Jimmy Harwood Music Facebook

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