Fresh from Beyond the Valley, Melbourne’s Jurassic Nark are Shit Hot Right Now

January 4, 2017

From a childhood friendship, a few beers and a ‘fresh new mullet’ came Melbourne’s self-confessed shit hot, shit rock – Jurassic Nark

The four-piece garage rock band released their latest track Aint Looking Pretty in October. It’s been a busy year for the band, playing shows across Australia, alongside weekly gigs at Melbourne’s music haven the Tote, the boys rung in the new year at Beyond the Valley.

…as long as we’re getting beers and parmas then we’re laughing.
– Tom, Jurassic Nark

Hailing from around the country the band came together to have a bit of fun, and they’ve achieved a hell of lot too. Tom and Wilson starting playing together in high school, drummer Andy came onboard a little later through friends. Latest addition, Declan on bass, fit in from the moment he showed up at practice with a “fresh mullet” according to front-man, Tom.

“That was September last year, two weeks later we had the full lineup playing at Howler.”

For a band that is all about having a few beers and causing trouble with mates they’ve got some seriously impressive work to their name. The boys played Shakafest earlier this year and toured around the country with the likes of Woo Whoo and Great Places.

“We all have real lives as well so it’s always just going to be a bit of fun you know. As long as we’re getting beers and parmas then we’re laughing.” Tom says.

The live experience with these guys is something completely different, only to be expected of a band that confesses to their main influence being beer and that they once paid $20 to stay in a hostel that turned out to be a halfway house.

The band are starting the year off with an East Australian Crawl, touring all through January with Pist Idiots, including a stop at the Grace Darling Hotel in Fitzroy on January 28th. Keep updated on what else is to come on their Facebook page.

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