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Make this Sunday a Simple Sunday: Open Air Day Party at Melbourne’s Latest Berlin-esque Venue

March 22, 2017
The Third Day

Melbourne and Berlin have long had an unspoken connection. For those who know, there is a clear symbiosis between the two cities. And while each city has it’s own unique aesthetic and vibe, when we step beyond their respective outer shells, there is a shared embodiment of spirit and soul that is clearly recognised by the thousands of artists and explorers who split their time between the two cities.

Enter The Third Day, an abandoned warehouse venue in North Melbourne that represents our city’s latest demonstration of this symbiosis, offering Melbourne a venue that represents true urban-grit akin to the party venues found in Berlin, with a clearly Melbournian sprinkle of magic.

If you haven’t yet been, why not check it out this Sunday 26th March , as The Third Day are hosting an open air day party.

The party kicks off a 12pm. You can find out more here.

Where: The Third Day, 290 Macaulay road, North Melbourne
When: 2pm- 10pm, Sat 18th March

Image Credit: The Third Day

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