On July 2nd Eastmint and The Tote are bringing us a night of ‘Post Wave Pop’

June 28, 2017

Feature Image Credit: CHWH by Briony Barr

The Tote is a Melbourne institution for punk, metal and psych gigs, but July 2 brings a performance of a different persuasion – “Post Wave Pop” to be exact, a term co-opted by the folks over at Eastmint Records (i.e. one of our favourite local labels).

The gig features three acts, all fitting within the scope of experimental audiovisual content with twinges of ethereality. If ambient sound is your bread and butter, then free up your night in preparation for several hours of exactly that, in the Collingwood venue that’s been bringing innovative music to the north for decades.

The Spheres will be providing disjointed, electro-driven beats and projector-derived sound effects that evoke themes of “collective creative obsession”.

(About time that capitalist theory from first year poly-sci got put to good use.)

The group has more film and audio works set for release later this year, so this one’s a band to keep on your radar.

Also hitting the stage is Eastmint’s resident band Cold Hands Warm Heart (CHWH) – a dreamy, psych-folk pop quartet that takes influence from nature landscapes and environmental engagement, both real and inspired. Cold Hands is unique for their textural layering of harp, synth, recorder, percussion, guitar and bass. They have mastered the elusive balance of light/dark and soft/heavy to create resonance that is nearly hypnotic. They have become a Melbourne mainstay not to be missed, and will be hitting the stage at 7:40pm.

The other act of the evening is also the only import of the night. Her name is Motte (opening at 6:30pm) and she is a solo artist hailing from New Zealand. Motte is a beast on the violin, which she plays with a heavy reverb alongside dreamy vocals. Her improvisational style jumps from beautiful to slightly grating at any given moment, but is captivating nonetheless.

All of the evening’s acts stand strongly on their own, but complement each other so well that one would wonder why they don’t perform together all the time- especially when the union of their parts crafts a multimedia experience that is second to none.

This gig is the perfect end to a lazy, wintry Sunday. It’ll warm you right up, and, if only briefly, envelop you in a trance of sensory stimulation a welcomed distraction from any reality outside the walls of the Tote’s upstairs band room.

The Spheres//CHWH//Motte will be performing from 6pm on July 2 at 71 Johnston Street.

To catch these three bands in all their glory, snag yourself some tix ($10 on the door) and keep up with the Tote on Facebook for updates on all upcoming gigs and events.

Feature Image Credit: CHWH by Briony Barr, from

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