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Q&A with Triforce: Dark Progressive Duo

January 13, 2017
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Since winning Earthcore’s Smash the Mainfloor competition in 2014, Triforce have made huge strides, gaining recognition, notoriety and respect both here in Australia and internationally.

Their unique sound, crafted with masterful precision, draws on a number of influences to create a sonic tapestry that is hard to find elsewhere on the psytrance scene. But it’s the subconscious interconnectedness between this pair that really shines through in both their sound and their live shows. Displaying a synergy that must be witnessed, this male/female duo represent perfectly the new cycle evolution we are witnessing in this special genre.

After making the move south from Sydney and ending up right here on our doorstep in Fitzroy, we recently caught up with Triforce for a Q&A session to find out why they made the move to Melbourne, how living in the inner north has influenced their sound, and what we can expect from the duo in 2017.

transform into your best possible self… breakdown all your barriers and let your inner child out.

For those that haven’t heard of you, how would you describe the Triforce sound?

We like to describe our sound as a blend of dark progressive psytrance & dark techno.

You recently moved down to Melbourne from Sydney, what made you make the move south? 

We have both lived in Sydney for majority of our lives and we really needed a change. The doof & nightlife scene in Melbourne is much more active so it really seemed like the next step in terms of pursuing our music.

Why did you choose to move to Melbourne’s inner north, specifically Fitzroy? 

When we moved down here we knew we wanted to live somewhere in the inner north for its vibrant culture and convenient location. We wanted to be close to where we play most indoor gigs, so ending up in Fitzroy was perfect to get into the city, or to Sydney road for a gig.

How has the move to Melbourne influenced both your writing and your progression as psy/techno artists?

Before coming to Melbourne we had a very solid vision of what we were trying to create musically, but coming down and being around so many inspiring producers has certainly enhanced and refined our sound.

Have either of your formal music studies helped you create the music you make today?

Our studies in music have definitely helped us create the music we do. But more so than our studies, we would say it was growing up playing instruments that has helped us develop an ear over the years, which has helped a lot with production and composition.

Musically, who would you say you’re biggest influences are?

(Charlotte) I’d say Karnivool, Kliment, Cloudkicker, Hiatus Kaiyote, Entheogenic, Bass to Pain Converter, Advent and Industrialyzer, Speedy J, Florian Msk, Grub and Viljhardta

(Ryan) Northlane, Summoning, Tesseract, Talpa, Booka Shade, Orchestral Soundtracks, Sigur Ros, Grouch. I also share many influences with Charlotte.

What do you love about psytrance and the psy scene?

Where do we begin! The warmth and open mindedness of the creators and participants, the colours, the progressiveness and creativity of the music, going out into nature with your best mates, it’s ability to inspire you to want to transform into your best possible self, to breakdown all your barriers and let your inner child out. It’s ability to shake you so completely that you question everything you ever thought you knew!

You’re now quite well recognised on the scene and are regularly playing some of the larger festivals, such as Earthcore and Subsonic. Has this had an impact on you?

Definitely, these opportunities have not only been incredible experiences but have really kept us chugging along. Pieces of success like this have helped us see a possible future and helped us stay motivated. Also we can’t thank these festivals enough for giving us these opportunities as they have really helped us build our name in a time when we have been relatively unknown.

Getting a little off topic, but I must ask… if you had be any shape, what shape would you be? Yes, I’m talking shape as in triangles, squares, circles and the like!

We would both be circles! Because circles seem more practical…

When you’re not busy performing, where do you guys like to go and party?

Festivals in Aus and around the world when we’re abroad.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from Triforce in 2017 and where can we next catch you performing?

Our next gig is at Earth Frequency in Feb! It’s our second year playing and we are so excited for this one! Watch this space for a new EP coming out very soon!

To keep up to date with Triforce in 2017, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Feature Image Credit: Julian Frees

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