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The Coin Toss Tour Is Taking On The Tote

March 14, 2018

A bunch of best friend bands are coming to Collingwood’s institution of Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Tote Hotel – and things are going to get spicy.

Toss your hat in the ring and get along to The Tote on the 18th of March for the Melbourne instalment of a group band tour of epic proportions. The hotly anticipated Coin Toss tour will unite 4 of the best up and coming Aussie pub rock bands in a gig set to have heads banging and feet bounding from the floor. East coast will meet south to create a holy trinity (or quadrality) of live punk.

Each night a simple flip of a coin will decide the order of the set list, breaking the boundaries of the usual format of ‘headliner and support’ bands. This quashes any sense of ego from the tour and brings it back to the roots of music, mates and having a good time.

The Coin Toss Tour will see The Pist Idiots, Miniskirt, Dumb Punts and Charging Stallion playing a series of shows up and down the East Coast, with a stop in Melbourne’s inner north. The four will be joined by local bands, LAZERTITS and STIFF RICHARDS.

Image Source: Dumb Punts Facebook Page

There is no need to introduce Dumb Punts: a classic Aussie pub rock band well known around the traps of Melbourne. The Punts are a family affair, made up of brother and sister Jimmy and Seattle Gallagher along with Brent Lockhart. Following in the footsteps of many icons who have screamed out over the beer soaked pubs of the inner north, the Punts always deliver a fun time with songs that reflect the sentiment of Melbourne youth while also being reminiscent of old school pub bands.

Image Source: Pist Idiots Facebook Page

Sydney boys, Pist Idiots have accrued a massive following since their formation, with a unique style and well-crafted songs that get caught in your head for weeks. Lead singer Jack Sniff has the gift of really making you feel the lyrics; belting it out full hammer and tongs and is flanked by a ripper rock band.

Image Source: Charging Stallion Facebook Page

Next up is Charging Stallion, a blend of rock god and pure comedy. Formed in Melbourne, this five-piece band literally started out as a comedy act before they realised their pure musical talent, and the rest, as they say, is history. I mean, they have a song in honour of the patriarch of Collingwood himself: Sir Eddie McGuire. Say no more.

Image Source: Mini Skirt Facebook Page

Finally, Byron Bay boys, Mini Skirt, are a powerhouse to behold. They have harnessed a unique style of punk combined with quintessential Aussie pub rock, alongside songs that lyrically reflect (and question) aspects of Australiana culture. Lead singer Jacob Boylan’s voice holds both passion and power and is perfectly held up by the aggressive riffs and solid backbeat of the band. Recent winners of the VB Hard Yards competition, they are well worth keeping an eye on.

There is a rock renaissance happening around Australia and this tour is a classic example of this phenomenon. These are the new wave of bands serving up messages on Australian culture whilst providing an experience that is as much about the live show energy as it is the music. Get on down to The Tote on the 18th of March for a night of full throttle fun.

The Tote Hotel 

67-71 Johnston St, Collingwood 

Get your tickets here!

18+ event

Sunday 18 March

4pm –

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